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Archived RPs

[Catalyst Scum]

[ Duel Tournament Sign-Up]

[Naboo - The dead of night]

[Coruscant : Enjoy the Silence - Jedi Council and Senate Meeting]

[Coruscant - Climbing The Tower (Open to all)]

[Coruscant - Doing some research]

[Taris - Alone in the Dark]

[Spearhead of Mand'alor]

[Coruscant - The Temple's Hallowed Halls]

[Coruscant- The smallest of droplets]

[Mandalore's VIP]

[Tattoonie, empty tavern]

[Nar Shadda - Busty Bantha]

[Business Wiith Iridonian Senator]

[A New Student Arrives - Jedi Temple Corruscant (OPEN/ALL)]

[The Beast in me is caged by frail and fragile bars - Korriban]

[A New Student Arrives - Jedi Temple Corruscant (OPEN/ALL)]

[Anarchy In The Mid Rim - Iridonia (Open)]

[::Iridonia Battle Group Message:: (All)]

[~On Korriban~]

[The search for enlightenment (CLOSED/DELETE)]

[Coruscant - Beware the Friendly Stranger (Makura)]

[Iridonia in Turmoil (Senate Business/Plea for Aid)]

[Coruscant – Lost again]

[The beginning of the end. The mission to Llum]

[Into The Woods (Coruscant)]

[Mandalore - Armor of the Forge: Rise of the Mandalorian Empire]

[Searching For Treasure (Tatooine: Cantina)]

[Executive Order 1 (Closed/Informative)]

[Building the New Jedi Temple (Coruscant, Uppercity)]

[Droid March on Coruscant]

[Descent to the Surface of Coruscant]

[Mandalore - Armor of the Forge: Rise of the Mandalorian Empire]

[Mandalore - Spaceport Cantina]


[Coruscant - Rumors of the Iron Bantha]

[Spar: [Tyrae vs. Gratchius]]

[You know what this galaxy needs... (RP)]

[Kuat- It's just the beginning ]

[Dromund Kaas - Temple of the Dark Lords]

[Coruscant - Corrigenda]

[Agency 116]

[Coruscant - Totally scandalous ]

[Dark Side Conclusion: Coruscant - Balance Restored (Teddy, Lancer, Makura)]

[MZX32905 - Home (Continued)]

[Coruscant Cantina -- Same Time, Same Place]

[Kuat- How the Other Half Lives]

[Spar: Chaos vs. Lorion vs. Carnage]

[Metellos - A Toast to the Hunters/A Prayer for the Hunted [Private]]

[Mandalore - The Forge Smith (Informative)]

[Not Naboo: To See the Good Doctor]

[Dark Side Conclusion: Forsaken? - The End of Metellos and the Battle for Coruscant]

[Bespin: Cloud City ~ Casino]

[MZX32905 - Home]

[Kuat- When Ambition Meets Fate]

[Coruscant - Rallying the Jedi]

[Jedi-Sith Awards Show 2.0 (Closed)]

[Dark Side Event Finale 1.2: Coruscant - A Desperate Mission (Jedi, Chancellor, Anyone Else)]

[Dark Side Event Finale 1.1: The Last Warning - The End of Pantolomin ]

[Rik's Cantina - Job Hunting]

[Hoth: The One Place No One Prosecutes]

[Coruscant - Senate Building - No Good Deed Goes Unpunished (Ridifu)]

[Help! ~Coruscant Underpass~ ]

[Coruscant - Prep that Torture Chamber, Baby!]

[Outside the Coruscant Jedi Temple - Delenda est Carthago]

[The Three Visions of Master Thay [Forest of Coruscant]]

[Korriban - Carnage Chrysanthemum]

[Coruscant: Aches and Pains]


[Coruscant - (Profound Title Here)]

[Coruscant: Hero]

[[Rallying the Sith] Korriban: Sith Temple - A Black Beginning]

[Coruscant = Rallying the Jedi]

[Manaan - The platform (Spar with IBS)]

[Korriban - Reawakening]

[Umbara - A Storm of Shadows (Invites only: Jaden)]

[Mandalore: New Recruits]

[Inner Senate: Rise of the New Republic (Vote)]

[Naboo's Fate Part 2 - Evacuations]

[Coruscant - It's all business]

[Manaan - Civil War]

[Coruscant's Forest (A new animal joins the Forest)]

[Coruscant - Graveyard of the Enemy (Palin)]

[Naboo - Even Force Wraiths Need a Vacation]

[Death of a Vendor Master - Coruscant]

[Vacation?: Pick a Planet, Any Planet]

[What's Dead May Never Die -Korriban-]

[Chancellor's Office - Coruscant]

[Return to sender ~ Coruscant]

[The Fog rolls into the Forest (Coruscant)]

[Lok - Among the Old Titans]

[Naboo- The Enclave]

[Coruscant - For a Better Tomorrow]

[Coruscant - Space - A Message to the Imperials]

[From Coruscant to Thyferra]

[Coruscant - Dream]

[Adrift - Space (Open)]

[Coruscant - Public Garden]

[Alternating Auras: Ashes to Ashes]

[Coruscant and Beyond -- Where Are You? (Jedi)]

[Senator List - All those with Senator Character sign up for the list]

[Coruscant: Bombs away ]

[Coruscant- Chancellor's Office]

[Reprise (Coruscant, near the Alternating Auras Opera House)]

[Coruscant - Ultimate Freedom of the Sith]

[Coruscant- Ultimate Freedom of the Empires]

[Coruscant- Ultimate Freedom of the Politics]

[Coruscant- Outside the Senate (Kavis)]

[Coruscant: What's the police hotline again? (@Relzan Klyza)]

[Coruscant--The Jedi Temple]

[Training - Coruscant]

[Coruscant - Back from Mission, to the New]

[Coruscant Academy: Set Fire to the Rain]

[Coruscant--The Jedi Temple]

[Inner Rim Senate: Vote of No-Confidence (All)]

[Coruscant Cantina: If I Were You....]

[Senate Bill 0258]

[Senate Bill 0257]

[Reunion (Coruscant, outside the Jedi Temple)]

[Coruscant Academy: Worst Hang Over Ever]

[Coruscant, Lower Levels]

[Coruscant: SIth Academy: Hang Man]

[Coruscant - The Hunt Begins (Jedi please read)]

[Another Coruscant Post--On The Sights And Sounds]

[Guise Will Be Guise (Coruscant, outside the Alternating Auras Opera House)]

[Bastion: You Dropped a Moon on Me, BABY (All Read)]

[Inner Senate - Bill 0256]

[Coruscant--Oh, The Joys of Administration]


[Coruscant - The Jedi Temple: On Honor and Tradition]

[Bogden: Diplomatic Business (@Teddy-Son)]

[Malachor V - Waking The Demon]

[Tatooine Vacation: Evil Never Sleeps (Office Hours)]

[Coruscant: Is it asking so much...]

[Tatooine - Second Impressions ]


[Abridon: The First Alliance]

[Bounty Hunting-Tatooine [Open]]

[Fear in the shadows: Borleias (open)]

[Coruscant -- Masks Can Slip]

[Korriban Calling (Open)]

[Coruscant - Coming Home]

[Coruscant--Practice Time]

[Coruscant- Rounding up Rancors]

[Coruscant: From the Deep]

[Tattooine -- Nighttime Cruising]

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