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GTX0 - All Staff List
Disclaimer: All account names are listed in ascending order based on their ID.

Local Moderators
These guys only have authority to act on issues in their own forums.

  • Lord Worm
    Moderates: [Entertainment & Media]

  • KM8
    Moderates: [Roleplaying], [Creative Outlet]

  • BCB
    Moderates: [The Sports Center]

  • The Fly
    Moderates: [Department of Science, Math, & Technology]

  • Arch
    Moderates: [Politics & Religion]

  • Jet Presto
    Moderates: [Mass Effect]

  • Roxas
    Moderates: [GTX0 Lounge]

  • Famov
    Moderates: [Politics & Religion]

  • MajorasMask9
    Moderates: [Mafia] (Co-Executive Host)

  • SolusEmsu
    Moderates: [League of Legends]

    Global Moderators
    These guys have authority to act on issues in their own forums and unmoderated forums. Local Moderators outrank them locally.

  • Aragni_Darkness
    Moderates: [Spectator Gaming], [League of Legends], [The Kingdom of Hyrule]

  • Kyon
    Moderates: [Animated/Japanese]

  • Vandy
    Moderates: [Video Game News & Discussions ]

  • Pirate_Ninja
    Moderates: [The Pokémon Forum], [Final Fantasy/RPGs]

  • Trever Leingod
    Moderates: [Jedi Sith / Star Wars]

  • Apollo Justice
    Moderates: [General], [Spectator Gaming], [Mafia] (Co-Executive Host)

  • Count Dooku
    Moderates: [Jedi Sith / Star Wars]

  • Jo Nathan
    Moderates: [Video Game News & Discussions ], [Computer Help & Chat]

    These guys make sure the site is running smoothly and resolve issues with staff.

  • Xhin - Site Owner

  • chiefsonny

  • hezekiah

    Elder Mods
    These guys were moderators/admins who unfortunately went inactive. They remain on staff, as local moderators, out of respect.

  • Clarkey

  • Masse

  • Denida

    These guys have access to admin/mod tools for the purposes of testing. They have no authority to use them for administration or moderation duties beyond spam clean up.

  • LLight
    Tools: Administrator, Global Moderator, Local Moderator

    (Thank you, Feral & Redack)

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