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RP Jury System

The Jury is currently suspended until the forum becomes more active.

If You Are On The Jury...

-Thoroughly read any and all rules that will affect the case you are handling.
-You may discuss the case you are handling with fellow jurors and the involved parties through any means you like such as IM or email.
-Each juror is asked to post a brief summary (no more than a paragraph is needed) of their final verdict on the forum, preferably referring to any rules that made them come to their decision.

Passing Judgment

When a dispute arises in an RP, the forum moderator may suggest what the judgment should be, such as voiding a post. If the moderator's call is not satisfactory to either of the involved parties, they may appeal to a jury to make the decision instead. Whatever judgment the jury decides will be final unless the decision directly violates a forum rule.

Handling Disputes

The trio handles forum disputes involving gray areas in RPs, using the written forum rules as grounds for ruling.

The results of Black and White scenarios should be clear to everyone. The only reason anyone would doubt the outcome is out of sheer denial. Black and White scenario calls, especially rule violations, should be made instantly and will not necessarily require jury involvement (if they do, refer to "Passing Judgment" above). The call will be made and there will be nothing more to discuss.

White Scenario
Player 1 does a frontal stab on Player 2. Player 2 defends with a frontal clockwise sword spin.
Result: Player 2's blade intercepts Player 1's attack and prevents the hit from making contact. The duel continues.

Black Scenario
Player 1 does a frontal stab on Player 2. Player 2 defends with a clockwise sword spin on the left side.
Result: Player 2 misunderstood Player 1's move and thus failed to block the stab. The hit makes contact.

When White and Black becomes Gray Scenarios
Gray areas are what the jury rule on and will require jury involvement unless it is specifically decided against by the involved players. These areas involve in-depth consideration of details, such as character statuses and other factors. Gray areas are not the same thing as quasi-rules - they are covered by the rules but they require more thought to determine the outcome. The defender should be given the benefit of doubt, unless it is very obvious they failed to properly defend.

Player 1 & 2 have equaled status - neither has an obvious advantage/disadvantage. Player 1 does an overhead vertical slash, aiming downwards at Player 2's left shoulder. Player 2 immediately darts to the right.

Result: Player 2 took the best move to evade and has no obvious factors against them. Player 1 has no possible factors that they could move faster than Player 2. Player 2's evasion succeeds.

Now change some factors.
Player 1 & 2 do not have equaled status - one has a possible advantage/disadvantage.
Player 1 does an overhead vertical slash, aiming downwards at Player 2's left shoulder.

Gray areas appear:
a.) Player 2 moves left, making a more time-consuming evasion, possibly allowing Player 1's weapon to hit their head or right shoulder as a result of their shift of position. The jury must consider all the factors; would Player 1 or 2 have the advantage of speed?
b.) Player 2 moves right but for some reason they may not have the means to outmaneuver Player 1's attack (i.e., a wounded leg, weighted armor, etc.); the jury considers all the factors and decides on what happens.

Objective Rule:
Gray areas can often be cleared up by deciding whether or not any character has a statistical advantage. An example is a wookie versus a gungan - in this case, the wookie should by all means have the advantage of strength, while the gungan has more speed. In the case of two humans fighting, objectively it must be considered that the two are equal in strength and speed unless exceptional factors dictate otherwise - i.e., one is injured, one is more conditioned in body, one is using something to boost their status (such as Force Speed), etc.

Details Matter
Sometimes one person will have more detail than the other that makes up a deciding factor. Lack of detail will not likely serve as an advantage, but more detail will in most cases.

Gray Area Equations
Attacker detail is less than or equal to Defender detail = Defender's favor
Attacker has sufficient details and Defender does not defend adequately = Attacker's favor

Moderator Executive Overturn
The moderator acts as an executive jury member, or judge, and can overturn decisions the jury makes in direct violation of the rules. Similarly, if there is a three-way ruling and the jury cannot make a clear decision, the forum moderator will step in and make the call for them. Overturning jury decisions will only happen in the cases that the jury overlooked something such as:

-Overlooking a form of godmodding or incorrectly assuming one player had an advantage when no such factor existed.
-One player had a clear advantage that was not taken into account (i.e., used Force Speed when the other player did not).
-A decision that is clearly made in contrast to written rules, such as a person is ruled to be shoved back by a Force Push when they blocked with a Force Push of their own, something the rules clearly state is a valid defense.

If the jury followed the objective rule, and did not make a call in opposition to the rules, the moderator must uphold the jury's decision.

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