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You've Been Summoned: A Final Fantasy Retrospective (in progress)

Posted 2 Weeks ago by Jet Presto

The *other* stupid retrospective I decided to embark on is a Final Fantasy one. I've done this a few times in my life, but never thought to actually like, dive into the games and talk about them as I go. It's not that difficult to start this up at the same time as the Far Cry one because I often play FF games just before bed. They tend to be "lean back" games for me instead of "lean forward." Plus, I'm so familiar with most of them that I can speed along. (Honestly think I even remember the FFVII shortcut to getting the gold chocobo off the top of my head, which is something...)

Final Fantasy (1987)

The game as old as me that launched what I think is arguably my favorite video game franchise (for better or worse) is...not a game I ever feel like playing. Listen, like the original Legend of Zelda, I can acknowledge the significance of this game. Not just for its ability to launch this franchise, but to also help popularize the RPG genre and spawning many other games down the line that I love. It's clearly an important game in the history of video games.

But my god do I absolutely despise trying to play it. Even with its easier re-releases, like "Anthology" on PS1 that has an "easy mode" or the default easier mode o the GBA re-release, it's still unbelievably tedious. I don't usually have a big problem with random encounters, though it's not my preferred method of enemy encounters, but sometimes you can't even take 5 steps without a battle ensuing here! And it takes sooo long before your characters can even consistently land an attack. The D&D-inspired nature of the game is just not my cup of tea. Obviously, there's a fair amount of random and chance to all of these FF games, and games as a whole, but I need to have a liiiiittle more consistency in what I can control.

I'd argue that while the original game is unnecessarily difficult, largely because of how unfair it winds up feeling, even the easy modes are just tedious. It's cool they don't do a ton of narrative handholding, but there's also not much to actually explore. Lots of backtracking, especially to heal. It's just... I can almost never get through it.

I've decided to abandon this playthrough a little over halfway because it's just too tedious and I have completed it before in my life. I will say that so far, the OG FF is maybe one of just two in the franchise that I *never* want to revisit. (The other is coming waaaaaay later, fortunately.)

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