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Why I don't trust chromium-based browsers including brave

Posted 2 Weeks ago by Grey Echelon

Because I didn't explain it well last time I talked about it here and with even my microsoft edge (which I basically never used I use firefox primarily) becoming chromium as well and brave (also chromium based) being brought up recently I felt this was a good time to talk about this.

Speaking of brave though it is a cool browser and is probably better than a lot of chromium alternatives but I don't really trust it fully either (but sometimes will use it as a secondary) but this is a good explanation on why specifically:
A reason is actually because despite what you may think, google effectively controls chromium not just chrome. I started to realize this back when google was attempting to implement means to stifle adblockers but it wasn't just going to impact chrome, it was going to impact chromium and any browsers using chromium that didn't take actions to reverse it as stated by people representing some chromium based browsers. Chromium may collect and transfer less information to google, but having looked deeper into it it does indeed still transfer some information to google. In fact, it's on the official chromium site's privacy section so if you're using a chromium based browser and you don't like google might want to rethink that, but of course when google already controls so much that probably won't be much of an issue to most people but still worth pointing out because since chromium is "open-source" and technically supposedly not developed by google themselves people seem to wrongly assume that google has no control over it.

Another reason is effectively, this continues ceding more and more control of the web to google and again this doesn't just apply to using google's browser chrome this applies to chromium-based browsers which is a whole lot. For more on that, see this:
Even the feds consider google's power to be becoming a threat or monopoly and again this is relevant to chromium too:
This is just my perspective though, for me I generally feel more content and at least slightly "safer" (as much as you can be online now days) with firefox and a lot of privacy-focused addons on for it such as https everywhere, adblockers ( maybe even more than one like I have), and noscript. Firefox for sure has it's flaws but I've seen no reason to choose it's competition over it yet even from a functionality standpoint tbh, it's never really been a problem for me. There are other non-chromium browsers that may be worth it but my issue is they often don't seem to be updated as well. But what do you all think?

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"Trust" is complex, especially when the general populace is way behind the curve on how comprehensively our freedom and privacy has been sacrificed for us.

I am not under the assumption that I'm ever going to have total baseline freedom and privacy when using a mass-produced technology to connect to an internet in the modern time of overstepping government and unchecked capitalism/corporatism.

Unless I get a major education in computer science, it is very probable that I will never achieve full legitimate freedom and privacy in computing.


While it is enraging that corporations are immortal entities that get money for nothing, there's a limited amount of concern that I can summon in terms of privacy regarding most of the shit that I do on the internet. I don't particularly care if Google knows how many times I searched the Russian internet for "Катерина Хартлова кормящие сиськи" even if I use Brave, because I'm more interested in them seeing that I'm interested in using a browser that fucking works and doesn't suck up literally the most system resources possible.

I eventually plan to go almost totally dark, anyway. I hope to arrange my life in such a way that I will actually have my shit together and will use something like a libre-design hardware Frankenstein computer with a livebooted Linux distro with a pre-packaged Firefox, everything loaded in RAM and wiped after every session. Because beyond even the browser, there are backdoors and spyware in Windows and in a lot of mass-produced computer hardware itself.

In other words, if I concern myself with this subject, I have to think about the entire spectrum, which is way too much for me right now.

1 Week ago

In other words, if I concern myself with this subject, I have to think about the entire spectrum, which is way too much for me right now.

Oh ya for sure. Except that's probably exactly why I'm talking about and concerning myself with probably rather small stuff like this instead of far more complicated matters. Not to say I never do, but there's only so far I'm willing to take stuff and stuff like that frankenstein computer is not only beyond me but more effort than I'm willing to put in.

Also when you "go dark" might want to look into ways of efficiently virtualizing windows. I forget how to do it already but I've seen virtualizing methods that allow pretty demanding games to run fine that way. I'll probably just stick to windows myself at this rate with some programs and other such shit designed to at least if not more mitigate how much windows 10 can get.

1 Week ago
Grey Echelon

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