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Who among us are working on various projects?

Posted 3 Months ago by chiarizio

Who’s working on a new project?
Who’s working on a project that’s not so new?

Are you working on a game?
Or a video or movie?
Or some music?
Or a comix or graphic novel or illustrated story?
Or a more text-based novel or story?
Or just some pictures?

Are you building a world?
Or culture?
Or species or race?
Or language?
Or entire universe?

Does your project involve science fiction, or not?
Does it involve magic, or not?

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I have a number of planned projects that I will be undertaking when I have the time, energy and money to do so.

I want to create a music album. Currently in the conceptual stage. I need to buy more equipment, including pedals for my electric guitar. It will mainly be about my life experiences, mental health and political/philosophical leanings. It will be extremely loud, abrasive and experimental, which will be fitting to my emotional state and my brash anti-authoritarian views.

I have a few essays that I want to write, mainly critical theorist examinations of music albums. One of the most significant is a structural analysis of the discography of the UK progressive metal band Haken. Their music is heavily themed on the criticism of Christianity, which has culminated in a multi-album cycle that investigates the relationship of modern and future man with the concept of a god, and how we can live without it.

I have a long-term art project that is going to take a lot of time and money to produce, and which has no designated endpoint. It involves a lot of very significant decision-making on my part, and will actually take the most time in gathering, selecting and arranging information before actually creating the substantial pieces that comprise the project. I don't want to be too specific yet, but it involves the creation of long-lasting physical artifacts to preserve certain bits of art that I find personally significant. Hopefully, if I do this correctly, these artifacts will last long after I am dead without requiring too much specific preservation or restoration, and will continue to have value to someone.

3 Months ago

I am working on three built worlds or conworlds.
Two, Adpihi and Reptigan, are related science-fiction “worlds”.
Adpihi is a humans-only one-planet world accidentally settled from Earth. The people don’t know exactly where they are and don’t know how to get back in touch with Earth. They have their own language.
Reptigan is a thousand-light-year-diameter multi-species Union or Empire or Federation one of whose capitol planets is Adpihi and one of whose leading species is Humans.

The other is a multi-“racial” magical fantasy world called Ataivsh.
It has four intelligent species.
Three are hominoid:
  • “Humans” or “Men”, extremely similar to various species that have been called “human” IRL *here*, who are native to plains and grasslands and savannahs and prairies and steppes and pampases and other flatlands without big masses of tall trees;
  • “Dwarves”, similar to African great apes, especially bonobos and chimpanzees and gorillas (not for size, though!), and Homo florensis “hobbits”, who dwell in mountains and caves and intramontane valleys and do the mining and smithing and a lot of the engineering;
  • “Elves”, similar to orangutans and gibbons and other lesser apes and non-African great apes, who dwell in woodlands and forests and jungles.

    The fourth are MerCentaurs, who are native to freshwater lakes and rivers and other navigable streams and bodies of fresh water. They are a three-way chimera of centaurs and Merfolk and Hippocampi.

    The three hominoid species couldn’t have arisen without magic, but they don’t now (or “now”) need magic to live and reproduce.
    The MerCentaurs can live without magic now, but they still can’t reproduce without magic.

    All four species occur on every continent and every ocean and every climate.
    Each has their own global auxlang, though I’m only developing Arpien, which is the Human global auxlang and is used as the inter-racial interlang or Lingua Franca.
    I believe I’ll have to at least develop the other three at least to the point of having naming-languages for all four species.
    I may also have each species have a continental and oceanic language for each continent and ocean. I haven’t even considered developing those yet, though. I’ll probably just say they exist but never say anything else about them.
    I have even considered having regional or areal dialects of these continental and oceanic languages for a few really big areas within the big continents and oceans; but not separate languages.

    I’m not planning for these people to ever get to space flight in any of my stories about them.
    But they probably will get to the Age of Steam. Maybe also to internal combustion engines.
    They may start before the Neolithic; but not before bows and arrows and atlatls and clothes and ropes and bodypaint and tattoos and language and so on. I expect they’ll be just about ready to domesticate lots of stuff at the earliest.


    Anyone else have anything?

  • 3 Months ago

    That’s very interesting! I want to follow.

    3 Months ago

    I will do my best to keep you apprised of my progress.

    3 Months ago

    I'm working on a game called shatterloop. It's around the 2-year mark as far as development goes (though not continuously).

    The basis of the game is collecting and processing materials in order to unlock features and upgrades. There are several systems involved in this, which gives you a lot of freedom on how you want to accomplish your goals. The systems have a lot of depth, so there are a lot of challenges to solve, and again you can solve them in multiple different ways. It should feel like a management or sandbox game, despite playing like a top-down adventure game.

    The game uses a ton of procedural generation. A lot of care has been taken to make sure this actually has some depth to it though, and that it influences gameplay.

    Does your project involve science fiction, or not? Does it involve magic, or not?

    Yeah it involves both of those things, in the "highly advanced alternate physics" system that's become my specialty. There are a lot of math/science terms, like "entropic" or "aleph naught" or "strange loops". There are also magic terms like "altars", "aether", "crystals", etc. And symbols for the planets and the zodiac, which are used in both magic and science fiction.

    3 Months ago

    I’ll keep an eye out for your progress updates!

    3 Months ago

    I just finished recording voiceovers for an original musical they've adapted to be a radio play. It's nice to have paid work again.

    Today I uploaded 20 audition files for minor character work in an upcoming video game. Paid gig. Fingers crossed.

    And related to the above, I'm trying to lay down a reel, including reading a children's book and doing all the voices myself. Then I'm going to try to land a decent agent. It's finally time to get representation. It's too hard to land enough gigs on my own.

    I'm going to be in a play in August, not sure what it's about...the writer/director (a cherished friend) wanted to lock me in before writing so she could write a part for me specifically (which really warms my heart). I do know there will likely be blood }:-)

    My current employer (day job in addition to self-employment) is about to open back up to the public in little ways. We lost our space of 10 yrs bc the landowner would give no leeway on rent during the entire lockdown. We're now going to open up in a more mobile fashion.

    3 Months ago
    Tek Shmansen

    I've been theoretically working on "Social Anxiety: The Board Game" for a while now, but I just never have the energy to sit and really work on it. Started it back when I was working 2 jobs, then got all stressed with everything during the pandemic, then everything happened with my dad. And I dunno. I find I have less energy for creative projects lately, so I tend to get more "analytical" and write more about other people's stuff and what works about them, what I don't like about them, et cet.

    2 Months ago
    Jet Presto

    I've only recently started doing anything tbh. I know my version of your feels.

    2 Months ago
    Tek Shmansen

    @Tek S.: Congratulations!

    @Jet P.: What Tek said.

    2 Months ago

    I finally finished stringing my necklace that had broken. Took me weeks to actually focus on it. Now, I'm making myself start drawing again. Nothing big so far, just a tattoo design I need to show my artist.

    A major project we recently completed was turning a 10x10 chain link kennel into a fortified chicken coop. It turned out great.

    1 Month ago

    @ravenspirit: sounds like an accomplishment!

    1 Month ago

    Thanks chiarizio! Our chooks are happy with it. We've also built a little fenced garden where we planted flowers. The bees and hummers love it and the kids can't get in. Perfect.

    1 Month ago

    Is the fortified chicken-coop idea one you could use in a sword-and-sorcery fantasy story or game?
    Who’d defend it —— the chickens?

    1 Month ago

    Hmm. Not quite, but it does have a stone barrier dug into the ground to prevent invasion from the digging weasel monsters. The chickens are lucky to have a guardian dog to defend the coop. She goes bonkers when her chickens start squawking.

    1 Month ago

    It’s nice to have a dog who takes her job seriously! And can be affectionate toward her nonhuman noncanine homies!

    1 Month ago

    All of the above for me

    3 Weeks ago
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