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when creating a steam account the password you entered is not allowed please select a different pa

Posted Over 3 Years ago by Blake

I'm so fucking pissed right now that it isn't even funny. I want to rip Steam a new ass! This password shit is driving me in(fucking)sane! No matter what password I enter when creating an account, it always says "The password you entered is not allowed. Please select a different password, with at least 8 characters." What the fuck? Why do these fucking websites pull this goddamn shit?

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have you tried coming up with a password with at least 8 characters

Over 3 Years ago

I just read a post on steam forums where someone says that Steam doesn't clearly list all of the password requirements if you don't meet them. I would suggest you try including at least one capital and a number as well as meeting the 8 character limit.

Why do these fucking websites pull this goddamn shit?

Because it's the right thing to do.

Over 3 Years ago

Finally got it figured out, last night before going to bed. I was so enraged!

Over 3 Years ago

It can definitely be pretty irritating for sure.

Usually sites want 1 capital letter, one number. Some want a special character (such as @ or #).

It's done to make it harder for someone to brute-force hack your password, but it wouldn't really matter if the hacker got a list of passwords or got into the location where user passwords are stored (in some cases which in Yahoo's case get the password from some the pages' code).

Over 3 Years ago
Forte Lambardi


On average, how often do you blow up when things frustrate you?

Over 3 Years ago

Steam doesn't clearly list all of the password requirements

That's probably international. Helps prevent hackers from brute forcing your account. Although, with 2-step verification it's probably not needed. Although, I imagine most people don't bother with 2-step verification unless they're forced to.

Over 3 Years ago

How is it a good idea to ask someone to make a password and not tell said person the requirements for making the password?

Your theory doesn't even make sense because someone just has to make a throwaway account to find out the requirements :P

Over 3 Years ago

As I found out, it is essential to actually type the password manually into the field. Copy/Paste is not allowed and leads to that error message!

Over 3 Years ago

steam is saying password is not allowed!!! i teried the 8 characters limit with 3 capital letters and everything , tried 56 times

Over 3 Years ago

before you let yourself get too pissed at the system, try a different browser. often times certain browsers and websites don't get along. I have at time had to use chrome, firefox, and internet explorer on a single website, switching back and forth between them because the page writers don't test out their pages on all platforms. On steam, specifically, I think I have found that it doesn't like chrome.

Over 2 Years ago

when creating an account the minimum requirements are:
8 Letters
1 capital letter
and most importantly
entering your password manually
it means that you don't copy/paste
it gives you the error
and finally you don't really need to put a special Character as " ~ - ! # % : ect...

Over 1 Year ago

I hate it when I forget my password, and I have to change it, and then it won't let me change it back to what it was (and I was right the whole time it just wouldn't let me sign in) and it says you must use a password you haven't used before. Like what? I don't want to have to remember 20 different passwords.

Over 1 Year ago
I killed Mufasa

This xkcd becomes more relevant every year:

Over 1 Year ago

I started switching over a lot of my passwords to passphrases a good while ago. My quality of life has increased exponentially.

Over 1 Year ago

I use my own unique unchanging ruleset that bases the password around whatever the site I'm trying to access is. That way I don't have to actually remember anything, I just apply the unchanging rules to regenerate the password. If I mess up somewhere then I'll change the password to what I think it should be.

Over 1 Year ago

When you makes new password you can t yust past it you need to tipe it manualy

9 Months ago

I have the same issue. I have tried everything, capitals, special characters, numbers, all kinds of combos and nada. I can't get past this stage.

9 Months ago

same here ill literally put in 20 plus characters capitals special cases numbers and lower case and all it does is say the phrase and im seriously pissed off rn

8 Months ago

I highly recommend finding a good password manager. It'll cost you a couple dollars a month, and once you get used to it I think it's faster and more secure than anything else.

My personal favorite is 1password.

8 Months ago
Count Dooku

bruh ........... here too

4 Months ago
no one

3 Months ago

Why do people get so bored that they dig up posts from years ago? I mean, can't you go watch youtube or play a video game?

3 Months ago

It probably appears on Google searches or something.

Better question is why hasn't the thread been locked.

3 Months ago


2 Weeks ago

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