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What's your relationship with God/the universe/etc?

Posted 4 Months ago by Riven

Seems like a good topic to reopen this forum with.

Maybe "God" is the wrong concept to use here, but a lot of people do use it without fitting into any particular religion. At the same time though I know using it is inevitably going to make the topic turn into "I'm an atheist" without any further exploration.

My own relationship has evolved a heck of a lot as I understand more what "God" actually means and especially as I get deeper into both Upanishad and Christian concepts. I have this sense of being a part of something much greater, with my own personal experiences and free will being intimately connected to it -- I'm like a hand and an eye but there a lot of both of those. I'll explore this a bit more when I'm not elsewhere IRL.

What are your perspectives?

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I don’t know whether anyone in the group still doesn’t know about me.

Is there any chance a reader didn’t already know all that?

4 Months ago

I'm agnostic. I'm atheist. Just another red pill to take that there's no magic force that gives a shit.

It’s pretty hard not to be with the way most religions believe really specific and implausible things for which there is either no evidence or pretty strong evidence against.

It’s not like there couldn’t be religions that I and most people would agree with. Like you could totally come up with a belief system that was consistent with known facts and had opinions on things for which opinions are called for and a moral code that wasn’t shitty. But no people have to believe in really stupid shit like an all knowing all powerful and all loving god creating a world full of suffering, not revealing himself, and punishing anyone who didn’t believe all these specific things based on no evidence infinitely and forever. There is so much self contradiction in Judaism and its offshoots (Christianity, Islam, Mormonism, Sikhism, etc) that its not any great surprise that more and more people don’t believe in that nonsense. It is telling that most Jews don’t even believe in it anymore.

4 Months ago
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