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What was your first pet and what was their name?

Posted 1 Week ago by Ratatoskr

I had a mutt named Scooby-Doo.

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As a kid I had a pitbull named 4-by and he was so sweet and slobbery. As an adult, my first pet was a good boy named Winston. He passed away recently. A border collie mutt with hound, he would chase deer baying like a bloodhound it was adorable.

1 Week ago

I don’t remember “Bommie” (real name “Bonnie” but my older sister said /m/ for /n/ as a toddler). She was a dog. Don’t know what breed.

I do remember Frixie (real name Frisky, but this time it was my younger sister who altered his name). He was a dachshund.

On returning to America we acquired a mutt we renamed Peter. He was remarkable!

After Peter lost a contest with an 18-wheeler, we got a pup my sister named Black Barry because he was black and it was close to 1964. But everyone called him B.B.
My father taught him lots of tricks.
When we moved from the country into the town BB became the most popular dog in the neighborhood!
He had his own social life and his own fan club among the kids in the neighborhood. He didn’t have to be with us to be having fun with people!

The next dog arrived after I left for college; when I got married he became ours.
I won’t keep going.

We also had a few cats, whose names I’m having trouble remembering.
And some smaller mammals, rabbits and hamsters and gerbils etc.

And we had some horses.
A mare named Mitzi.
A Tennessee walker named John Allen
A white horse named Trigger
The neighbors’ freckled horse Freckles stabled with ours
Mitzi had one colt but I can’t remember his name.

I’m told my father had some steers, but I don’t remember them.


All the other animals around our place were visiting from the neighbors, I think.

We did keep the occasional turtle, (or rather terrapin), or frog, for a while.

1 Week ago

My first pet was, as far as I can remember, either a Belgian Malinois or a German Shepherd, back when I was... about 2-4, I think? I don't remember what her name was, though. I have VERY vague memories of her, though I remember I would climb all over her and go into the pantry to grab some of her dog food to share between the two of us.

1 Week ago
Axem Great Water

Nice try trying to get my password hints fucker!

1 Week ago

The first dog I had in my house was the dog my parents had when I was born, a cocker spaniel named Carlee. They had to give her up because she kept trying to push me out of my mother's lap.

We didn't have a dog again until I was four, whereupon we tried a dog named Beady, who pissed herself every time we said her name. Next dog we tried was a beagle named Yoshi, who literally refused to learn a damn thing we tried to teach her.

The one I remember most of all from my childhood was a golden retriever named Babe (yes, after the pig from the movie). Best dog we've ever had. We got her as a puppy when I was seven, and had her until just before I turned seventeen. She was a handful and a half as a puppy (in fact, they had to mercy-pass her at puppy training classes because she kept inching toward my mother when they tried teaching her to heel), but once she hit about three years old, she was just incredible. My mother and I went to Europe in 2008 with a musical group from my state, and literally the day after we got home, Babe was gone. She greeted us in her usual exuberant fashion when we walked in the door, and by the middle of that night she was literally coughing up blood, and the vet said she had a massive tumor in her stomach and there was nothing they could do. I was so jetlagged from overseas travel that I couldn't even think straight, and it didn't hit me until the next morning that she was gone.

And those are just the tip of the iceberg: in all, I've had in my house eight dogs and two cats over the years, of which we've had two dogs and both cats for the long term (and, in fact, one of those cats is still with us and part of our family), and we've had three dogs put to sleep and had to give away the rest, plus our other cat, for various reasons (for example, Carlee as I've mentioned above).

1 Week ago
Black Yoshi

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