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What is something fun or interesting you've done recently?

Posted 1 Week ago by Ratatoskr

I took my doggo to watch fireworks on the 4th of July when I realized he wasn't noise shy. He loved it, it was a good experience overall. Got some funny looks from folks at the park that I assume thought all dogs are noise shy but he had a blast.

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Been trying to take my Bike out for a ride. It’s a Canonondale mountain bike I got in 2012. The first year I got it I put around 400 miles on it but haven’t ridden it too much since.

1 Week ago
True Q

We took in a stray kitty and are nursing her back to health. She's beautiful and had a dainty meow that sounds like a bell. I think she might be of the fae, but I love her anyways.

1 Week ago

Awwwh that super cute. I love kitties 😸

1 Week ago

We have 3 cats now. They are all black, too. New kitty is the only long-haired but the other two are easy to tell apart after you get to know them. Our roommate had a moment where he questioned life when he saw both of what he thought was our only cat in the same room together.

1 Week ago

Been taking surveys on Tapas to try to catch up with webcomics.
Has anyone else noticed how frequently Koreans get re-incarnated?

1 Week ago

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