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What have I been up to?

Posted 2 Weeks ago by -Riku-

So my life has been pretty good lately. The pandemic never affected my employment status since I work for a retail store. I've been playing a lot of Fallout New Vegas on my gaming laptop. Work has been pretty good. My new co-worker, whom I have been friends with for over a decade, has been kicking ass by making my department look good. Sadly, on December 23rd my grandma passed away. This was something we all kinda knew was coming ever since she fell and broke her hip. Please, no condolences. As far as I'm concerned, my grandma had been dead for a while due to her dementia slowly taking away her memory and making her a shell of her former self. There is a silver lining though. My workplace gives employees three bereavement days for the death of grandparents so between being off for Christmas, the bereavement days, and my two days off per week i managed to have six days off. Other than that, nothing big has happened

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