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What games have you been playing lately?

Posted 2 Weeks ago by Panty Tight Kitten

I've had Shadow Gaming for 2 months and these are the games I've been playing:

- Conan Exiles
- Resident Evil 2 Remake
- Hitman (2016) and Absolution
- Vanquish
- Prince of Persia (2008)

I'm planning on buying Hitman 2 and 3, but unfortunately the latter is exclusive to Epic Games (I don't like them) and I won't be able to play the kingdom heart games compilation.

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Been trucking through my Zelda retrospective. I think I'm a little over half way in Twilight Princess. Admittedly kinda feeling a bit fatigued with Zelda, but I'm gettin' there.

Also playing Little Nightmares 2 which I already adore although I'm not far in. And I have surprisingly taken to Hades, which is almost every way a game that isn't my cup of tea. I don't like roguelikes, I don't like procedurally generated, I'm fairly picky about the super challenging games, it can get a little sensory overload sometimes. And yet, I always have fun playing it.

2 Weeks ago
Jet Presto

I beat Resident Evil 4 on the switch. It is my first time completing it on the switch. By now I have completed it over 3dozen times or so. I have completed it on almost every console it released on (sans the WII)

I have to clear mercenaries, separate paths, and assignment ada before doing a final run through on Professional. But at this point I am a little bored of it. (I beat it last year on the PC so it was still fresh on my mind)

I did a few Splatoon 2 rounds the other night. It was good fun.

2 Weeks ago

Wasteland 3 for somewhat-glitchy co-op fun with my girlfriend. Think we're finally getting to the point where we're the ones doing the bullying, instead of the other way around. First few hours were brutally difficult due to some poor stat choices, as the game doesn't really explain things that well up front.

My roommate talked me into trying Rust with him. So far I'm more invested in the social dynamics between players than the game itself, which is probably a bad sign. Overall I can't imagine I'm sticking with this one, as the gameplay/gunplay is uninspiring.

Also started another Factorio playthrough, now that the game is officially released. Game is fun but somewhat mentally exhausting. Me and my co-op partner spent half of our last play session just standing around talking.

2 Weeks ago
Count Dooku

Team Fortress 2, Noita, The Long Drive.

The Long Drive is one of the best absurdism-core games I've ever seen.

2 Weeks ago

on my second run of Persona 5 Royal mainly. larned htat you can do Advanced fusions without having all the nessecary Personas iny oru stock as logn as y ou have them in your compendium.

2 Weeks ago


2 Weeks ago

A surprising amount of Destiny with a little TF2 and Warframe too.

2 Weeks ago
Cutter Creighton

I have been mostly playing Yakuza 3, or need to play it again... Gonna get thru all of them and hopefully get Like a Dragon.

2 Weeks ago

I just recently completed Ys 9. It was a very interesting game but I had trouble with the controls. Had a few moments where I just wanted to give up on the game. I didn't fully 100% it (aside from trophies - I don't do trophies. I'm in it for the story mainly.), but I enjoyed the new features that were added though. I'm not sure what to play yet but I may pick up a Tales game (for nostalgia purses - on the PS4) or do Persona 5 Royal. PlayStation Store had some sales and I picked up some games. lols >.< I wished Nintendo did the same. I mean, they do, but I want sales on the big Nintendo titles not the indie games or whatever.

2 Weeks ago

A surprising amount of Destiny with a little TF2 and Warframe too.

2 Weeks ago
Cutter Creighton

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