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What do you think the other countries are like in Fallout?

Posted 1 Month ago by Axem Great Water

I was thinking about Fallout earlier, and I started to wonder if they were going to keep focusing on the US, or if they would branch out to other countries. Honestly, I bet they could come up with some really cool stuff.

For example, with the UK's much stricter gun laws, they'd probably be much rarer over there, which means that people would have to use melee weapons. Since people in Fallout seem to emulate their past, my thoughts obviously went to the middle ages, or to be more precise, myths and legends about knights and magic. I could see society forming around the legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Same with France, except with Charlemagne's knights. Italy would probably be more focused on the Roman Empire and the Renaissance.

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Switzerland is probably doing alright.

1 Month ago
Cactus Pants

Well yeah, but that's boring. What about Russia? Even colder winters, giant mutated bears and wolves, and so on. Not sure if they'd go back to tsars, or become stereotypical communists. Probably a mixture of the two, depending on the region. I don't want to even IMAGINE what Australia is like.

1 Month ago
Axem Great Water

Australia might be cool. Would have lots of great mutated fauna. Also a lot of cool geography, including the Outback which might resemble the beauty of Fallout: New Vegas.

1 Month ago

Reports u ncertain. China may be fictional.

1 Month ago

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