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What do you do for a living?

Posted 1 Week ago by Ratatoskr

I work in production support, most of my job consists of investigating problems with my companies proprietary software.

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I do porn. I get a lot of comments like "you look familiar!"

when I go out to shop.

I shoot mostly threesomes.

no one ever shows up. but I still manage to have a good time.

1 Week ago

I used to clean homes and buildings. Love cleaning and most people are great. Now I stay home raising a bunch of kids that came outta nowhere.

1 Week ago

… a bunch of kids that came out of nowhere.

Really?? That sounds like a story we need to hear!

…. …. …. ….

I collect Social Security for a living.

1 Week ago

I'm a security guard. It's not an unpleasant job, since you can spend, like, 80% of your shift on your phone/tablet/laptop, but I don't really see myself sticking with it long-term. Maybe a year or two while I work on finishing my degree and/or find something better. There are definitely worse jobs I could be working as a stop-gap, though.

1 Week ago
Axem Great Water

I'm a security guard

how often do you guard saunas?

1 Week ago

Literally never. I'm in the Northeast, not California. I mostly guard warehouses.

1 Week ago
Axem Great Water

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