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What are you playing? July 2021 Edition

Posted 1 Week ago by Ratatoskr

I've gotten on a bit of a roguelike/colony builder kick. Current two games I'm messing around with are Wildermyth and Rimworld.

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As I stated in the other RPG thread, I’ve started a play through of Rogue Galaxy. Also been toying with the idea of playing through the Resident Evil series starting with the first one.

1 Week ago
True Q

I've been reading a comic from like, 2006 and I keep seeing ads in it for Rogue Galaxy.

I'm playing FFVII: Remake, FFII, and Far Cry 2. Those latter two for retrospectives, and the first one because I wanted to play it on PS5 before I dive into the DLC or whatever.

1 Week ago
Jet Presto

dusted off my vita and downloaded a bunch of stuff on there. ill prob do a re2/re3 play through

1 Week ago

I've been replaying morrowind yet again. I'm roleplaying as a "clothing wizard" -- have like 20 unused amulets/rings on my person at all times, other exquisite clothing, and a bunch of enchantmented clothing (mostly rings). I'm stupidly powerful very early on (can kill vivec and damage dagoth ur) but have decided to use it to do some quests instead.

1 Week ago

Still playing through Re:Village, but I think I'm near the end. For multiplayer it's mostly Rocket League / Overwatch / Chivalry 2 / Wasteland 3 these days. Might start Control once I finish off Re:Village.


How are you liking Rimworld? I just finished one of my most successful colonies ever.

1 Week ago
Count Dooku

Final Fantasy X2

1 Week ago

I picked up a GameCube recently and playing all the old games I used to love. Mario Sunshine, killer7, Melee. I don't really play games made after 2010.

1 Week ago

I've just started playing Dragon Warrior Builders 2. I haven't gotten too far into it yet, but it's pretty fun so far.

1 Week ago
Axem Great Water

I don't really play games made after 2010.

Plenty of great games made prior to 2010 so I can relate to this.

1 Week ago
True Q

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