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What are your middle of the road, non-controversial opinions?

Posted 3 Weeks ago by S.O.H.

The new star wars movies are largely okay.

The Daredevil series is better than any Disney+ MCU show or any super hero show period. (dont @ me about heroes)

The PS5 is okay. Its exclusives are okay and you should be in no rush to buy one.

While Stephen King sucks at ending his stories, he is still a pretty good author and there is something for everyone in his written works.

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Griffin Gaming is a silly guy on youtube, you should watch him roast people.

3 Weeks ago
I killed Mufasa

The movie Baseketball is an underrated gem that never gets talked about.

3 Weeks ago

Green on black is the best color scheme that exists.

3 Weeks ago

Roses are always stunning, there's a reason they're the most popular flower.

3 Weeks ago

MCU films are pretty good usually

Nintendo-exclusive franchises are pretty good

3 Weeks ago

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