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what projects have you got going on

Posted Over 1 Year ago by Cetasaurus

I have nothing going, at the moment.

Hoping my D&D character dies so that I'm forced to write a new backstory.

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Been working on Shatterloop in my limited free time. It's going well, just a lot of work in all directions.

Also been working on a rather large graphics plugin -- some of the highlights of that are in this album:
The source image is here:

Over 1 Year ago

Working on my conlang. Kind of just a weird personal project that I plan on using as the main language for the fiction, poetry and songs that I write.

It's non-naturalistic, but it incorporates some elements from existing languages. The lexicon is only about 1000 words, drawing from the Indo-European semantic fields as defined by the University of Texas at Austin Linguistics Research Center. The phonemes are selected from a certain number of the most widely-used phonemes across all languages as determined according to the PHOIBLE project. The grammar is highly regular, with a focus on conciseness and uniqueness in individual words, but an open-ended system of agglutination in compound words.

I don't have a script system in mind yet, but I will likely invent one later. It will likely take after cuneiform, futhark and other Indo-European straight-lined runes.

Over 1 Year ago

i'm working on a few short stories at the moment. two are "finished," but i'm putting them in the drawer for a month or two before editing. i'm about halfway through writing the third. i've been a little stuck, though.

my goal is to get published for money (whether that's $7 or $200 lol). i've never really tried before, so we'll see how that goes.

Over 1 Year ago

Initially I was going to say nothing.... but I guess I do have a few!

The biggest project is myself. I have lost a good chunk of weight but I have started jogging every other day and I joined a Gym last Wednesday. I plan to go every MWF for the next month and hit Chest, Biceps, Triceps and Traps. I also plan to expand my cardio to every day. I am jogging 2.5 miles up hill (for the most part) to the next town over. I walk around a bit grab a snack or a meal and then tread back up that hill for another 2.5 miles. Tuesdays and Thursdays I think I will either start doing springs after my run or a half hour of jump roping (as soon as I find a place that sells jump ropes)

I have also started to journal my peace corps experience. Nothing too major, I am hoping to write in it every 4 weeks and reflect what happened in that previous month.

I have neglected my reading as nothing in my backlog interest me. I even have books in spanish which I have to get to.

To build on my spanish Ive been listening to more Spanish Pod Casts. I am suppose to find a teacher to teach me the local indigenous language but Ive been in vacation mode/ lounging around.

I guess the most important project is that I had my first guitar listen today! I suck but my teacher seems really cool and is extremely supportive.

Over 1 Year ago

i've been a little stuck, though.

My advice to anyone doing anything creatively is to focus on volume first.. really pump stuff out even if it's crap. It's a lot easier to add some quality in later than it is to put more work in.

Over 1 Year ago

I'm on Zachary Taylor in my Presidential project, wherein I read like, five books about each President in order and then write an essay trying to contextualize it in modern times or see how the added or detracted from our government structure. (And then I record it as a podcast, but that's mostly so I have something to listen to when I fall asleep, since the sound of my own voice bores me.)

I'm about halfway through a YouTube series of Retrospective Gaming. Getting through Gears of War 3.

Still tweaking some of my Social Anxiety: The Board Game, but that's been on the backburner since I started volunteering for an anti-domestic violence organization. Similarly, my project of essays examining presentations of men in Marvel movies is definitely low on my list because I just need a break from that when I don't need to. Mostly finished a few of the heroes, but need to edit them at some point if I wind up posting them.

And finally, still ironing out a podcast idea with my dad. He's got prostate cancer and I want to try and do a series talking to him and getting to really know him as a person and about his life.

None of this stuff is ever going to get finished. I'm notorious for starting projects that I abandon a few months later. Except the President one. I've been working on that for three years so far.

Over 1 Year ago
Jet Presto

I've been hard at work on my action RPG game. I finished revising the script on November 18th and finalized the script on November 24th. I took a week off from working to celebrate (it turns out that it's hard to NOT work when you're in a groove to work consistently) and focused on platinuming Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Now, I'm back to drawing concept art full time. I've started with THE ******* BROTHERS: MANLIEST OF BOUNTYMEN, newer characters added to the revision of the script and whom I would describe as the soul of the game's sense of humor. (To the people who tested our early version of the game and to any who might test the new build of the game: I hope you enjoy the game's humor and I promise there is more than what was seen at first.)

Over 1 Year ago

I am working on Ataivsh and Reptigan/Adpihi.

I am working on Reptigan from a three-dimensional "quasi-Avalon-Hill game" PoV.

I am working on incorporating the underlying philosophy and culture of Arpien into the Human subculture of Ataivsh.
Especially refining and nuancing the "pain is a good thing" notions among the humans of Ataivsh.


How about everyone else? (Thanks already to everyone who posted before me!)

Over 1 Year ago

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