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what if aztlan and atlantis were cognate names

Posted 7 Months ago by chiarizio

What if the mythological place names
Aztlan (the urheimat of the Aztecs and their relatives) and
Atlantis (an island* beyond the Pillars of Hercules that some Graeco-Egyptian priest told Plato had sunk beneath the waves in a single day and night of disaster)
were forms of the same name?
*(Atlantis was supposed to be intermediate in size between “Asia” and “Africa”. But back then “Asia” was just Asia Minor or the territory of Troy and its hinterland; and “Africa” was the part of North Africa dominated by Carthage. Or so I’ve heard.)

Could the Aztecs have come to Mexico from Atlantis?
Or maybe Atlantis was another island in their same lake that sank, rather than an eighth continent?

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On cbbforum someone suggested it was the Aztecs who discovered Atlantis!

7 Months ago

Well, this never went anywhere.
Oh well.

3 Months ago

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