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User blocking / thread blocking feature

Posted 3 Weeks ago by Riven

This feature lets you block users as well as threads.

Controls for blocking users should be very intuitive, with two exceptions:

  • Blocking or unblocking requires clicking twice -- the second time on a "confirm" link. This is to prevent accidental block clicks.

  • In order to unblock a user, you have to click to show their post and then "Unblock user" will be a control at the top of that post.

    Threads made by blocked users don't show in forums/feeds; you get a similar "Blocked user. Show message" prompt.

    You can also block threads -- there's a link called "Block thread" at the top of it. Doing so (and confirming) will take you back to the site feed and keep that thread from showing up in your site feed or searches. In order to unblock the thread, you have to click to show it, go inside of it, and then click "Unblock thread" at the top of the thread. This will be fixed later.

    Tomorrow Later

    While this feature is functionally complete, there are still a few things I'd like to do:

  • Let you unblock users from within forum/feed views.

  • Change the UI on thread blocking so it's at the top of the thread instead.

  • Temporary blocks ("Snoozing") have been implemented everywhere but don't have UI built for them yet.

  • A "post as staff" option that circumvents potential blocks for moderator-exclusive action.

  • A user CP to manage blocks in case you lose track of them or just want to adjust them more easily.

  • This feature doesn't currently play nice with post pagination. I think I know what the problem is here at least.

    These issues (and any bugs reported here) will be fixed later.

    Issues that will be fixed way later

  • Blocking is currently based on usernames, and usernames aren't hard to switch.

  • Blocking someone doesn't keep them from reading your posts.

    Both of these are currently impossible to fix due to the way GT works, however I've been working on some sophisticated features that track people's identities despite that. This is currently meant to be for administrative eyes only, but may be integrated into features like this to fix "impossible" issues in the far future.

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    Cool, thanks.

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    Yes, thanks!

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