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Twitch can go screw themselves.

Posted 1 Month ago by tnu

Seriously this was my whole damn gimmick! it was the gimmick of an ent ire stream seires where me and my sigh ted friend played games together so Twitch can piss off.

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Is this about the "Blind Playthrough" thing? Supposedly they're going to have alternative tags for it, so you and your friend should be fine to continue with your 'gimmick'.

1 Month ago
Count Dooku

yeah hopefully we don't get crap for the name of the series "Blindsight". I have no faith in Twitch whatsoever.

1 Month ago

Yeah you can use First Playthrough or something like that but yeah I agree that the whole thing is pretty silly. Blind can have many meetings and when used as it was is not disparaging towards those with disabilities in my opinion. But we are in 2020 and political correctness is being implemented in excess instead of moderation.

1 Month ago

yeah our show is called Blindsight t he joke about my eyesight was what inspired a good chunk of the gimmick so Twitch can piss off.

1 Month ago

I also think this probably wasn't necessary at all. I try to be understanding about these kinds of things now days but I still get confused at how far some people can end up taking it.

1 Month ago
Grey Echelon

"Recently, however, Twitch removed the “blind playthrough” tag following concerns about ableist language"

.... Okay. I think it's because I'm old that I don't understand why this is "ableist" language. I guess you can't say "sightseeing" because that's discrimination against the visually impaired?

To OP: I hope you don't have to change your name. Especially if you promoted it on social media.

1 Month ago
Panty Tight Kitten

What do you expect from a website with a "deerkin" on their "Safety Advisory Council?"

1 Month ago
Axem Great Water

Yeah the Safety Council can piss off too!

1 Month ago

In a effort to create an inclusive and positive space for blind individuals twitch inadvertently fucks over one of their prominent blind users.

More at 11PM.

1 Month ago

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