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Top 100 Movies of the Willennium

Posted 3 Months ago by Jet Presto

So kinda building off a recent thread, I've been thinking about the past two decades of cinema. And while I do agree that the state of the Hollywood blockbuster is, well, kinda disappointing for me (outside a handful of exceptions, the franchising of blockbusters is not my personal preference), I would argue that the past couple years has been - overall - one of the strongest stretches of film in history. Despite my personal preference from the individual blockbuster or generally structured trilogy instead of just the semi-serialized franchise and "cinematic universe," I would posit that there have been more, better quality films released year in and year out than most other periods in the history of the medium.

In part, this is because there is a larger diversity of films accessible. More than ever, Western audiences have relatively easy access to international films or indie films. In fact, the mid-aughts really saw a boom in the "indie" market as a whole, with successes like Donnie Darko, Little Miss Sunshine, or Juno really putting crossing into mainstream appeal and establishing indie stuff in the public consciousness. And, in part, because more theaters have to really innovate their experiences, including their film booking, to compete with one another and the major chains, I just think the overall quality of theaters has also improved.

So, I decided to spend some time, like a dummy, putting together a Top 100 list from the past two decades. (Personally speaking, if I made a top 100 list all-time, a good number of these would also be on that, as well.) This is, by no means, exhaustive. Obviously, I have not seen every film, and there's a good chance I might exclude one your favorites simply because I didn't see it (or, like Drive, didn't get to finish because there was a problem putting the film together). So this isn't by any means "definitive." (Also, I'm a rando on the internet, of course it's not definitive.) I did, however, try to balance it among different criteria. A lot of it was just, "How much do *I* personally like this film?" But I also factored in how culturally relevant some of the films were, or how much I liked them at the time, even if they might not have held up (for example, Juno is on the list and while I maintain it's still a very good movie, I don't think it holds up as well today as it did when it released, but it was a fairly unique film at the time and exploded into the cultural zeitgeist in a way few indie films do). And then, I also tried to just gauge how well the film is actually made, regardless of my preference for it (for example, I don't loooove Gangs of New York, but I do like it and I think it's a quality film regardless of not loving it).

So, here's my Top 100 Movies of the Willennium (So Far) - also, listed in alphabetical order, not ranked:

1. 10 Cloverfield Lane
2. 28 Days Later
3. Amelie
4. American Psycho
5. Annihilation
6. Aquaman
7. Attack the Block
8. Baby Driver
9. Beasts of the Southern Wild
10. Be Kind Rewind
11. Best in Show
12. The Big Sick
13. Birdman (or, the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)
14. Birds of Prey
15. Black Panther
16. Blade Runner 2049
17. Brokeback Mountain
18. Children of Men
19. The Dark Knight
20. The Death of Stalin
21. The Departed
22. Departures
23. Dunkirk
24. Edge of Tomorrow
25. Eighth Grade
26. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
27. Ex Machina
28. A Fantastic Woman
29. First Cow
30. Fruitvale Station
31. Gangs of New York
32. Get Out
33. The Good, The Bad, The Weird
34. Hanna
35. Her
36. The Host
37. Hot Fuzz
38. The Hunt for the Wilderpeople
39. Idiocracy
40. I Heart Huckabees
41. In Bruges
42. Inside Llewyn Davis
43. Inside Out
44. John Wick trilogy
45. Jojo Rabbit
46. Judas and the Black Messiah
47. Juno
48. Knives Out
49. Kubo and the Two Strings
50. Lady Bird
51. The Legend of Drunken Master
52. Letters from Iwo Jima
53. Lilo & Stitch
54. Little Miss Sunshine
55. Little Women
56. Logan
57. Logan Lucky
58. Looper
59. The Lord of the Rings (trilogy(
60. Lost in Translation
61. Mad Max: Fury Road
62. Magic Mike
63. The Martian
64. Minari
65. Moana
66. Monsters
67. Mother
68. Napoleon Dynamite
69. The Nice Guys
70. Nomadland
71. Pacific Rim
72. Palm Springs
73. Pan’s Labyrinth
74. Parasite
75. Pariah
76. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
77. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
78. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
79. The Shape of Water
80. Shaun of the Dead
81. Snowpiercer
82. Song of the Sea
83. Sorry to Bother You
84. Sound of Metal
85. Spider-Man/Spider-Man 2
86. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
87. Spirited Away
88. Step Brothers
89. The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
90. There Will Be Blood
91. Thor: Ragnarok
92. The Triplets of Belleville
93. Up
94. Wall-E
95. Waltz with Bashir
96. Wet Hot American Summer
97. Where the Wild Things Are
98. Wolfwalkers
99. The World’s End
100. Zodiac

Obviously skews more heavily towards Western movies. That does tend to be who makes the most movies, and certainly what we living in the west have the easiest access too. Probably my biggest regret with this list is not having been able to watch as many international films as I'd like.

What are some movies you'd put on your list?

There are 24 Replies

is your list ranked from best to worst? or is it just numbered like that for no reason.

I only ask because Parasite is so low on the list and it is one of the best movies I have seen in years.

3 Months ago


3 Months ago
Jet Presto

Crap. I realized I left off Moonlight.

I might take off Her, Looper, or The Martian to make room for it.

3 Months ago
Jet Presto

For some clarity on some of these:

I lumped the Lord of the Rings trilogy as one. I don't really think there's a particular drop in quality from movie to movie, and I didn't really want to have this trilogy take up three separate valuable slots even. Plus, whenever I revisit these, I always watch them one day after another.

Similar reasoning for John Wick.

Similar reasoning for Spider-Man/Spider-Man 2. Spider-Man 2 is, I think, the superior individual film, but Spider-Man is arguably one of the most significant and important blockbusters in decades. So I lumped them together because of their collective cultural significance, as well as just overall quality.

The Host is the 2006 Korean monster film from Bong Joon-ho film.

Mother is the 2009 Korean film, also from Bong Joon-ho.

3 Months ago
Jet Presto

Well, I was pretty young during this time... so there will be more kids movies here. In no particular order...

Spirited Away
The Incredibles
Inside Out
Lilo and Stitch
How to Train Your Dragon
Kung Fu Panda
The Prince of Egypt

Casino Royale
The Pirates of The Carribbean
Spiderman 2 (Sam Raimi)
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
The Social Network
The Muppets
The Lord of The Rings
The Dark Knight
My Big Fat Greek Wedding

There are a few movies in this time I'd like to see, but haven't seen yet:
Grand Budapest Hotel
Isle of Dogs
Treasure Planet
Atlantis: The Lost Empire

3 Months ago

Ah okay that makes more sense. I have not seen Mother yet. The host was p alright. Nice to see that the U.S. army is still dumping chemicals around the world.

3 Months ago

100% for sure Spirited Away is my favorite movie of all time. Bar none. There are a lot of live action movies I like for very, very different reasons. Casino Royale is the definition of a great action movie, but My Big Fat Greek Wedding was incredibly relatable, especially considering I'm a first-generation American. I just picked the most notable and memorable for the list.

3 Months ago

Ugh. Keep thinking of new ones. I'ma drop Birds of Prey and replace it with Booksmart.

3 Months ago
Jet Presto

Nice to see that the U.S. army is still dumping chemicals around the world.

The opening scene of that movie was based on a real story from I think just a few years before the movie.

3 Months ago
Jet Presto

Ugh. Keep thinking of new ones. I'ma drop Birds of Prey and replace it with Booksmart.

was BoP a good watch? I forgot about that movie.

The opening scene of that movie was based on a real story from I think just a few years before the movie.

I know lol. And it is still a thing happening today. There was a very recent case in Japan where they were caught doing it.

3 Months ago

I really enjoyed Birds of Prey and I think Margot Robbie and Mary Elizabeth Winstead gave two really great performances. Among the best in superhero movies. And Ewan McGregor was really good in the villain role, too. I understand why it's not a lot of people's favorite of the bunch, but I honestly don't know why it is so many people actively disliked it. I imagine I'm probably one of a few who would put it on the list, or close to putting it on the list.

3 Months ago
Jet Presto

Not gonna lie, I saw that it was numbered and started counting down the top ten out loud to my friend and it took me until Aquaman to realize that there's no way this is your actual top ten.

3 Months ago

it took me until Aquaman to realize that there's no way this is your actual top ten.

LMAO I am glad I was not the only one. I enjoyed 10 Cloverfield Lane but I was shocked that he would put it that high/ above Parasite. funny stuff!

3 Months ago

Also realizing that I clearly am not a horror fan. Get Out is kind of the closest thing to that on the list. I toyed with putting It Follows on here, or The Descent, but I think I'm just not enough of a fan personally to add them to my own list.

Obviously, you don't have to come up with your own Top 100. That's a lot and took me a fair amount of time to whittle down (and I still altered it after posting!) But what are some of the movies you really loved from the past two decades?

3 Months ago
Jet Presto

Oldboy, Drive, Blade Runner 2049, Lord of the Rings, Hard to Be a God, Mandy.

Can we also include film serials, of is this supposed to be feature films only?

3 Months ago

What do you mean by film serials? (Either way, go for it!)

3 Months ago
Jet Presto

I'm assuming by Oldboy, you mean the Chan-wook Park film and not the Spike Lee remake?

3 Months ago
Jet Presto

Yeah, I mean the Park one. I haven't even bothered to watch the remake because there's no point and everyone said it didn't really get what the original was about.

By "film serial", I mean stuff that isn't a feature film and isn't a TV show, but is somewhere in-between. Like Marble Hornets, or some of the shit that Alan Resnick does (Alantutorial, The Mirror). IMDB lists these as TV Series, but MH and Alantutorial never aired on TV and they're not shot like a TV series.

Oh, I forgot to put Ghost in the Shell, There Will Be Blood and We Need to Talk About Kevin in my list.

Would probably also put No Country for Old Men on here, but I need to rewatch it to say for sure.

(Jesus, there's a lot of films that I would probably like but I just haven't had the time to watch. I am a huge pleb when it comes to film.)

3 Months ago

But what are some of the movies you really loved from the past two decades?

I will write something up but I am scared that it will include a lot of comic book stuff. It is going to be hard to differentiate with what I enjoyed vs what actually should be on a top 100 list. There is a lot of good stuff out there though ngl.

3 Months ago

God damn, I forgot about We Need to Talk About Kevin.

3 Months ago
Jet Presto

I think "film serial" is kind of an interesting way to put it. I usually break it down into "movies," "shows," and "mini-series." But I like the idea of "film serial" because I'd argue that something like Chernobyl feels a lot more like a "movie" to me than a "show."

But yeah, feel free to post those.

I'm admittedly a little curious to watch the Oldboy remake at some point, just because it's Spike Lee and I'm curious what he would add or cut or change. I imagine he made it because he's a big fan.

3 Months ago
Jet Presto

Ugh, also realizing that I haven't put *any* documentaries on here! I was definitely thinking about fiction films when I posted this.

I don't really want to mix non-fiction into the bunch (Waltz with Bashir and Nomadland are as close as it gets), but I do want to also highlight some amazing and well-done documentaries that merit checking out:





The Imposter

Meru/Free Solo

The Act of Killing


Apollo 11

Three Identical Strangers

The King of Kong

Man on Wire

Central Park Five




I Am Not Your Negro

3 Months ago
Jet Presto

I'd put Arrival, Blade Runner 2049, No Country for Old Men, and John Wick on my list. Interstellar too, even though it gets flack for the 'love' thing.

As for horror stuff, I'm not much for the genre either. But The Cabin in the Woods is up there for being kind of cheeky with the horror movie tropes.

3 Months ago
Count Dooku

Crap. Forgot about that too, ha.

I mostly really like Interstellar. I like the "love" thing, but I don't like the dialogue around it. And I don't really love the ending. But I watched it a couple months ago and it was overall better than I remembered. I just felt Dunkirk was probably the better of Nolan's work.

But all this kinda highlights my point about what a great period it's ultimately been for film.

3 Months ago
Jet Presto

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