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top 5 games of this generation so far 2

Posted Over 2 Years ago by S.O.H.

Note you can include games that simultaneously came out for both last gen and current gen consoles.

I have not spent much time playing many games this generation. So I might not have a full top five. I also wanted to avoid ports as much as possible so my go to (GTAV and MK8 will not be included) Same with full on remakes (Halo Collection)

1. Breath of the Wild
2. Nier Automata
4. Titan Fall

I only have a top 4 list. But I spent countless amount of hours playing these games. I have fond memories of all of them.

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Breath of the Wild
Mario Odyssey
Red Dead Redemption 2
Forza 6 or 7 depending on which one suits your tastes better
And mostly likely rounding out the top 5 in no particular order will be The Last of Us Part II

I would be stunned if it wasn't an absolute masterpiece.

Over 2 Years ago
I killed Mufasa

Forza 6 or 7 depending on which one suits your tastes better

I wont like I only played one of the Forza demos for the Xbox one and I enjoyed what I played. Beautiful game.

Over 2 Years ago

I'm just going to list the games I own, which are on the Switch:

Botw, Xenoblade Chronicles, Dragon Quest Builders, Super Mario Odyssey, and uhhh Fortnite.

If we are talking about critically acclaimed games objectively:botw, RDR2, odyssey, spiderman will be among them

Over 2 Years ago

Forza Horizon games are also nice, but they tend to be a mess and way less streamline obviously. It's a lot of fetch quests and doing what you're told and following a gps. I like raw racing simulation and Forza has taken over Gran Turismo.

Over 2 Years ago
I killed Mufasa

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