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The Hyde Papers

Posted 1 Month ago by 9x19mm

Sam Hyde sent the following emails to his subscribers leading up to and during the short stock crisis of 2021.

1/12/2021, "emergency financial hydewars":

been doing lotta reseach... had a whole video lined up to talk bout shit... dont have time to make the video cus gotta do more research.... for people asking on my take, i am immensely catastrophically retardedly long on BTC. i believe that watching the volatility and looking for the right point to 'buy in' is as stupid as trying to time the market on 2012 apple or amazon... the difference between a base factor of 3 or 4 means an upside difference of 75x vs 100x... not worth missing the train when elon musk or apple pay reveals theyre going in. morgan stanley bought 10% of microstrategy obviously for exposure to BTC, jp morgan fucking around with stablecoins and setting a 145k price target for BTC (probably because if they said $1m they'd get too much flak)... writing is on the wall... stay updated with cathie wood, raoul pal, chamath palihapitaya, anthony pompliano, nathaniel whittemore... the only concern i have is how this asset will behave when shtf, which will probably not happen in 2021 but when it does might wipe equities etc... in the meantime 'when the music is playing you have to dance'..... this is not advice just entertainment. i personally went in at $42k knowing full well it would probably drop to 27k or something like that.... also holding ethereum but this is much riskier, nothing i'd be mad about losing in there. peace good luck, see you on the 15th with this new video coming out

1/28/2021, "financial update from the bankman":

funny money loaded up on AMC calls... i think this thing is gonna rip to like 40 or 50 but that is my casino hunch only. not financial advice.

unfunny money safely tucked away in BTC. im not a financial advisor but if i was writing a movie about a financial advisor id have the main character talk about he's loaded up on BTC and how he thinks its gonna rip and be like over 100k this year.

NOK might go sicko mode with 5G braincontrol shit but i wouldnt buy while its being pumped

if TSLA corrects ill be buying a foikload of LEAPS on TSLA. If FSD actually shows up thats yr 5 trillion mkt cap company that you can treat like a savings account right there sonny...

have. fun.

i'll be keeping my mouth shut on the money topic from here on out but i would point you in two directions depending on your desires and retardation... if you want to go casino mode id say theres nothing better than WallStreetBets, and if u wanna go goldie mode (my opinion is that this is safe though i know that sounds insane) i would say check dese nuts:
I know youre probably thinking "i have less than $300 and know literally nothing except how to mod steam games" but the transfer of wealth from boomers to millenials/gen-z'ers is happening right now all at once and will continue for probably like 3 years before the musical chairs game is over. i don't want to encourage gambling but it's time for people to start thinking about what is wealth, how to attain it and how to preserve it. a week of hardcore youtube khole binge 'research' would serve you well.. here are some starting points for searches that would behoove you in my humble (rich) opinion:

raoul pal (dont go in on altcoins though) and Real Vision

robert kiyosaki

ark invest (get the newsletter) and follow all their ppl on twitter

anthony pompliano (get the newsletter)

winklevoss twins

chamath palihapitiya

willy woo (get the newsletter)

arjun balaji

michael saylor

lyn alden

Dave Lee


wall street bets

Nathaniel Whittemore
DoubleLine Capital/@TruthGundlach

Kitco but i dont think metals is the play, could very well be wrong

Gregory Mannarino (heavily trust weighting this guy to determine when stock market party is over)


my suggestion is make a new twitter sockpuppet and only follow accounts that have to do with money/stocks/crypto/etc... i have one where i follow a buncha ppl in this space, none of them are political or meme accounts.. get on the WallStreetBets discord or telegram

i know youre either butthurt and dejected over trump shit or ecstatic over AOC shit or whatever but im telling you for the next three years pretend like none of that matters. ive also talked to people who are like "check out the subaru i just bought, paid off all my debt".... guys. i have a gang o cars. i get to use none of these things. they bring me zero enjoyment. i wish i could travel back in time to when i was buying the H2 and piss in my own mouth at the dealership for being such a fucked up fag. fuck your subaru.

LINK is still in play. i dont put money in there that i cant lose but LINK and ETH are still in play. DeFi is where you can make 100x but only if you can play five poker games at once. You can also make 0x and get bufu'd instantly. I can't hang with these brainiacs so i dont fuck with defi.

fuck your college debt and paying it off. I have 200k in debt. if you think i have any intention of paying that off, EVER, you are on clown street in a dunce cap wearing the mayor of clowntown badge of honor. Debt collectors call me i tell them id piss in their mouth if i could. the US dollar is worth less and less every day. that big pride festival badge you got from paying down your debt is worth zero dollars. I'm going kinda crazy right now with the writing but this will be the last thing i say for a while, you need (this is not financial advice this isjust a standup comedy routine im working on so bear with me, this is for entertainment purposes only please seek immediate advice from multiple doctors and lawyers) you need to get out of the US dollar with a quickness.... end goal for me is stacking BTC and in the meantime im giving my dice hand a shot at the wall street casino. Currently down 40k on $AMC, ymmv

my main point: theyre printing USD like crazy. this has lead to and will continue to lead to extreme stock market euphoria and insane gains in many cases. it will eventually lead to (in my opinion) a flight into BTC which will become a black hole of money and be worth a megafuckload in ten years. People who do the typical shit-- pay off debt, go to college, buy a house for personal use, pay off their car, save money in the bank account, will be Punished. In three years you go ahead and worry about whatever political thing again, worry about whatever stupid fucking thing you want, in 2023 go play steam games until your cock falls off, great idea, but in the meantime it is time to get 2 hours less sleep per night and start voraciously equipping yourself with the knowledge you need not to get bufu'd in the currency crisis that is headed YOUR WAY

remember to factor in capital gains taxes. i owe infinity dollars of taxes and am using a IRS deferred payment plan to pay 600 a month (cant believe this is legal)... any large chunk i get of USD immediately goes into BTC or stocks and i get routinely overdrawn at bank and dont care.

and remember. This isn't about money. It's about every american's RIGHT to go to the MOVIES, to enjoy a big tub of popcorn, and experience cinema, the american dream $AMC

1/29/2021, "WAKE UP":

musk twitter bitcoin now.. go gogogo little fuckers b4 normies wake up

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This guy's writing style is like that of a young uiif.

He's not wrong about bitcoin though -- I've seen it go up 1000x in the last 8 years.

1 Month ago

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