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teenage bountyhunters why no georgia accents

Posted 2 Months ago by chiarizio

Why, in the Atlanta-set show Teenage Bountyhunters, do none of the teenaged main characters have Georgia accents?
Most of the adults do. Most of the bit players and extras do. Some of the teenaged minor characters might.
But it sounds like none of the accents and dialects of the teenaged main or recurring characters come from anywhere in the Confederacy, let alone from Georgia!

Am I wrong?

Is it a deliberate choice of the director(s) and/or producer(s)?
If so they had a good reason; or, at least, a reason they thought was good.
If that’s the case, does anyone know what it is?

If it’s just an accident or coincidence, it might still have an explanation or a cause, or at least a story. Anyone know?

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I live near atlanta, and weirdly enough people there really don't have southern accents most of the time. You see the southern accents as you get into more rural areas.

2 Months ago

So there’s a difference between Atlanta dialect and Georgia dialect? Ah.


In Texas there were five regional dialects; North Texas, South Texas, East Texas, West Texas, and Central Texas.
And there were three racial dialects; Black, White, and Hispanic.
And there were rural and urban and small-town dialects.
And educated and uneducated dialects.

And even so each big city had its own ‘lect; Houston, Dallas-Ft.Worth, San Antonio, Austin.

Oddly enough (or at least it struck me as odd when I found it out), the working-class, or at least the urban working-class, were better-traveled and more cosmopolitan than the educated urban upper and upper-middle class. None of them knew it, though. People who are born and raised cosmopolitan are unaware of that, as fish are unaware of water. The same is true of people who are born and raised provincial.


There’s some age divide going on, too, in TABH. When Sinclair and Blair meet an elderly couple they want to stay on the good side of, Sinclair’s dialect audibly shifts in their direction!


I wonder how foreign viewers will enjoy the show?
When the girls stop their first perp, he derides Sinclair’s abilities with her long arm. She rattles off a bunch of facts about it and about an alternative firearm and expresses opinions and references and then moves on to handguns as she hands her twin a revolver.

I think non-American viewers might think “Well, of course the teenage American high school girl would know all about personal firearms!”

2 Months ago

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