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Surveys post type

Posted 1 Week ago by Riven

This feature adds a new post type, the Survey. Surveys allow you to attach different types of questions to your thread. Users can then answer them appropriately and their answers will get aggregated in the OP. You'll also be able to see when people answer questions and make changes.

To get started, click the "New Survey" link in a forum.

You get three types of questions to work with:

  • Poll -- Separate poll answers with commas.
  • Free Poll -- Like a poll, but users can also add custom answers if they don't like the options.
  • Text -- users can add whatever they want to. These also display a little differently.

    Users can reply to your survey in what should be a very intuitive way.

    When they submit, anything that's changed gets indicated in the post itself.

    Whatever answers you've put in as your primary username will stay in the survey area of the thread so you can see your own answers and change them easily -- only the things you've changed will appear in subsequent posts.

    Over time, answers get aggregated in the OP in an intuitive way.


    I'm going to be using this for community discussions moving forwards, but it seems like a useful general-purpose feature.

    It's pretty modifiable -- I may introduce other question types over time.

    Additionally, this system isn't just installed on the site but is part of something I'm calling the "Quirks framework" -- I've set up the infrastructure now for other post types too if we want something that moves beyond the scope of this feature.

    Is this feature a good addition?

    Yes 2 chiarizio, Riven
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    I say “yes; it’s good!”.

    • Is this feature a good addition?Yes
    1 Week ago


    • Is this feature a good addition?Yes
    1 Week ago

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    Survey Questions

    Is this feature a good addition?