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Suggestion: Filter posts by size of post?

Posted 2 Weeks ago by chiarizio

Some people have expressed an interest in reading some of my posts, but a time-dependent hesitancy to read the long ones right now.
Is there a way, when searching for posts, we could add a length-range to the criteria?

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By "long post" do you mean:

  • Threads where the original post is very long

  • Threads which have lots of posts in them

    Either way it's definitely possible. To simplify things a bit I'm going to include this, your other suggestion, and future similar suggestions in an "advanced search" plugin. I might however have a quick checkbox for "easy posts" or something in the main search area that takes some arbitrary number of characters and filters out posts longer than it.

    It looks like you've done some work here already:
    I'd go by characters rather than bytes.

  • 2 Weeks ago

    Number of characters in the post, and not just the original post, is what I was hoping for.
    If we can’t do that for every reply, can we maybe do it both for the OP and the last response?

    The reason I was thinking of asking to be able to set both a short limit and a long limit and just take the ones between those lengths,
    is that I’m imagining before work I decide to read all the messages up to 1024 characters long; then on my lunch break I decide to read those up to 2048 characters long but I don’t want to reread the ones I read in the morning.
    (Or <=128 in the morning then >=128 but <=512 at lunch. Or something.)

    If we can just set “shorter than or longer than” and then sort by length ascending or descending that might be good enough.


    You already have given us a way to sort threads based on number of replies.
    And we can sort ascending or descending.
    That’s all I’ve needed so far, as far as number of replies goes.

    Allowing us to choose a range would be sort of “in the spirit” of my other suggestions so far, but I’m most interested in making it easy for me to be out of people’s way if I post too long a reply (or OP for that matter!)

    2 Weeks ago

    I would even be OK with like a word counter being added or something. I am always curious like how many words my posts are. Again, I can just go to a whole other site for that... just sounded like a neat idea.

    1 Week ago

    You may have a point.

    1 Week ago

    Went ahead and implemented it. It looks at the last posts, or the OPs if they're the most recent, and lets you find all posts within that range of characters.

    Great idea, chiarizio!

    1 Week ago

    How do I plug it in?
    Oh! NvrMnd, it’s already there!

    1 Week ago

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