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Someone in an Xbox party booted me off my Xbox

Posted 1 Month ago by Xbox_Fan

How did he manage this? How can he mess with people's wifi's through an Xbox One Party?

Have any of you experienced this before?

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He probably got your IP and then performed a DDOS attack which shut your internet off. Googling this issue turn up alot of similar stories.

Power Cycle your router which should give you a new IP and block all communications with whomever did it.

1 Month ago

Thanks for the advice

How exactly did he manage to do it though? Is it simple or complicated?

1 Month ago

He could have used any number of tools or techniques that are free and easy to use. Here is a guy showing how to boot someone offline using a iphone without even needing an IP:

1 Month ago

Does it matter if your Xbox One has a static IP or a dynamic IP?

1 Month ago
Rob Hardy

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