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So, New Pokemon Snap is out tomorrow

Posted 3 Months ago by ShadowFox08

And it's solid 80/100 from 44 critics from Metacritic.

For the life of me, I never got into the franchise. An on rails photography game just doesn't sound enticing to me at all.

Who is planning to get the game?

There are 3 Replies

The original Pokemon Snap had hidden secrets in every level, so you'd always try to look for these secrets like crazy. And opening the secret in every level unlocked the final one with Mew. It was a very short game, but there's more to it than just taking pictures. It really made you pay attention to everything.

I'm not thrilled about my next $60 game being Pokemon Snap, though... I'm sure it's a perfectly cool and chill game, but there are others I'd like to try first.

3 Months ago

I heard this game is like 9-12 hrs if you are focused on beating the game. I'm sure extra stuff will push it more. maybe closer to 20 for 100% completion.

Also wouldn't be surprised if more pokemon are added via dlc. Hopefully free. Just can't see this worth $60 ($50 at Walmart and on ).ebay though

I think it would be a fun game to rent/borrow though

3 Months ago

I am not gonna pay 60 dollars for it, but plan to get it if we see a sale during the holidays or so.

1 Month ago

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