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Shatterloop sanity checklist

Posted 3 Weeks ago by Riven

This project is a series of smaller projects that will hopefully make my progress here a lot more streamlined. I have quite a bit to do in a lot of different directions, but following this list will hopefully simplify that process. I also haven't worked on shatterloop in a while, so this will help get me back into the groove of things:

  • Combing through my miscellaneous notes and implementing whatever I can implement right now (such as making alternate dimensions always accessible).

  • Creating Notes for terrain configurations -- I have this already in some form, but finalizing it across the board will make it easier to create the system for it over the long run.

  • Implementing that system -- I have some objects for this already, but want to have some kind of visual help as well as implementing all forms of it.

  • Quantum Planes v2 -- Should be easy enough to implement, and will be a good use of the terrain patterns system. The Quantum Planes dimension is also highly annoying to play through in its early alpha stage, so this will help a lot.

  • Materials v3 -- A lengthy update, but has gotten increasingly required.

  • Rocks v2 -- Addendum to the above.

  • Melange Planes -- Need to go ahead and roll this out.

  • Myriads/lattices from the materials standpoint, if not already implemented by this point (might be part of clearing out miscellaneous updates).

  • New Mid-Game materials -- builds on the materials v3 foundation, but provides additional reasons to explore.

  • Procedurally-generated crafting system -- I have some notes for this already. Need to flesh this out and implement it. Waiting until I build out Materials v3 is the sanest option, in case it makes sense to change the datapoints there.

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    Good luck!
    I like your work but will seldom have anything to say, and even more seldom have much new to say.
    Just want you to know I’ll occasionally look at it!

    2 Weeks ago

    I probably need to make most of these shatterloop threads private since they're really for my own use -- only the updates post is really relevant anymore (And I guess the notes post, but that's a looooooong read).

    1 Week ago

    Reply to: Shatterloop sanity checklist