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Sexuality Forum with Age Lock

Posted 2 Weeks ago by mariomguy

Similar to how we have a lock screen for Politics, it would be nice to have a Sexuality forum. It seems this is a topic many users want to discuss, myself included, but feel the discussion would not be appropriate in a wide open space.

Not sure how tight the lock should be. But any lock would at least deter and warn more innocent users and passers-by.

There are 6 Replies

Is this an NSFW forum or a forum for the sexuality topic itself? Or both?

2 Weeks ago

My vote/thought would be the topic itself.

There's plenty of pr0n out there already.

Butlike don't ban me for sharing my OF link in the replies? Lol (I don't have one) (yet?)

2 Weeks ago
Tek Shmansen

My vote/thought would be the topic itself.

I vote for.
With mariomguy and with Tek Shmansen (and with CZM).

2 Weeks ago

Looks like a pretty solid consensus. I'll leave it up for at least 24 hours just to be sure.

2 Weeks ago

Seems like it's already decided, but I'll also just vocalize my agreement with the idea of a Sexuality forum more specifically than a NSFW place. Could still simply disallow posting of pictures if there's a concern about it turning into a place to share porn more than a place to discuss sexuality including the topic of porn.

2 Weeks ago
Jet Presto

Given the unanimity and timing, I'm going to go ahead and consider this topic decided and should have both new forums available before I leave tonight.

2 Weeks ago

This thread is locked