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Ray tracing Mario 64 looks amazing

Posted 2 Weeks ago by ShadowFox08

Digital Foundry made a video about this back in May (I know, 2 months old).. But its pretty sweet. So basically some dude made a PC mod of Super Mario 64, but with some upgrades. Character model changes, better textures, better shadows and big upgrades to lightening.

Mario and all the models (from toad to goombas to bowser) look amazing! It's a 30 minute video.

I'm not expecting it by any means, but Switch 2 with ray tracing would be a game changer for 1st party games. Ray tracing will come to mobile games eventually.

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See... this is why I say Raytracing is a meme.

That video looks good because of the upgraded models (look at the pipe right at the beginning vs the original), the upgraded textures, and the shadows. The lighting is... alright? I honestly can't tell a huge difference, given that they denied us a true side-by-side for comparison. But the models and textures are doing the heavy lifting here.

The problem is, raytracing comes with a huge framerate ding right now. You get a marginal visual improvement and some cool reflections at a steep cost. It's just not worth it.

I don't doubt that raytracing will become the standard moving forward, or that it makes life easier for developers, but as an end-user I'm not seeing the benefits yet.

2 Weeks ago
Count Dooku

Idk, dooku, from my perspective it looked like they had the raytracing in place but hadn't updated the models at all -- there's still a lot of very pixellated / low-poly areas, the difference is that there's a lighting engine and a lot of stuff is reflecting off a lot of other stuff.

2 Weeks ago

but hadn't updated the models at all

That's specifically what Render96 is about. It updates the models/textures so they look more modern. I think it's doing most of the heavy lifting here. Around the 3 minute mark, they talk about how the original "models" for SM64 wouldn't really work for raytracing.

Don't get me wrong, the reflections are cool. But good lighting doesn't give you extra polygons.

Dude's got actual fingers.

2 Weeks ago
Count Dooku

At first I was like "woah this is great!"

and then I read that they changed models around.

2 Weeks ago

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