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Ranges of dates in searches?

Posted 2 Weeks ago by chiarizio

How hard would it be to make it possible to tell the search algorithm I am interested in all and only replies made between two dates?
Technically speaking I could effectively use “after” and sort them from earliest to latest, or “before” and sort them from latest to earliest, and just stop when I came to the other end of my range of interest; but sometimes that’s actually harder to do than it sounds like.

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Very possible -- see my response in the other suggestion post. I do definitely like having more in-depth tools.

2 Weeks ago

Done -- basically just click "Between" instead of "Before" or "After" and a second date field will appear.

Bear in mind that right now there are two issues with the search feature that I want to fix:

  • Searching by date only searches by the most recently-made post. I want to also allow it to search for when the OP was made.

  • Datetime stamps aren't helpful -- this is something the site as a whole needs, but it makes searches especially painful.

  • 1 Week ago

    There’s a bug.
    You get two dates only when you select “after”,
    and get only one date when you select “between”.
    It’s clear that it’ll be a pretty cool feature once there’re no bugs!

    In general: Thanks for the work you’re doing on this site! If it’s not hard work for you, you must be pretty good!

    1 Week ago


  • I’d like to be able to filter by the date of the last reply. To me that’s more useful than the date of the OP.

  • I can foresee an occasional need to filter by the date of any reply. For instance; show me any threads in Science and Tech (say) that elemtilas (say) was active on in 2019 (say).

  • 1 Week ago

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