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Problem with uninstalling app on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Posted 1 Week ago by Eric Thompson

Hi I downloaded an app called Emojily because I heard it was good for showing Iphone emojis.

Anyway I decided to uninstall it because I noticed you could simply copy it to show it in Whatsapp or Facebook messenger.

Anyway I uninstalled the app but it still appears when I search for it showing it is in my internal storage?

Does this mean its still on my phone? Is there any way I can get rid of it altogether?

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That's probably the .apk file still there.

Download a file application to view your internal storage and delete it. Might be in a "Downloads" folder.
You can also just connect the phone to your PC with a micro USB to USB cable and view your internal files there.

1 Week ago
Axem Metal

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