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oldschool runescape milestone

Posted 3 Months ago by 9x19

75 Attack, first Godsword.

It's not the craziest thing, but I've been working towards this for a while. Next up is 75 Ranged and first Toxic Blowpipe, which will set me up to attempt the Fight Caves.

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congrats, dude.

i have so many great memories of this game — logging in for the first time at like 9 years old, trying to kill the first unicorn i saw (and dying), some guy teaching me how to mine and smith, going through the whole dragon quest with my buddy, getting my mind blown by the member world for the first time, PKing in high school, giving away free shit to atone for my crimes, etc.

maybe it's just because i was so much younger, but i haven't played very many games that capture that sense of adventure.

3 Months ago

OSRS/RS2 is one of those games that really shines through the difficulty of how it's implemented. They're working with an absurdly kludgy and outdated framework, but they care. That's the kind of thing that I love to see. It's like B movies and paperback fantasy novels. They often aren't the best in and of themselves, but the sense of immense potential is there in spades.

3 Months ago

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