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New thread search feature

Posted 3 Months ago by Riven

This feature should let you search for specific kinds of threads or posts again. The new version is heavily simplified from the old version and also has a few new tweaks that should make the feature easier to use.

To do a search, click the new "Search" button at the top of the screen (has the magnifying glass icon).


  • Title -- The thread title looks like this. Not case-sensitive, and can use * for wildcards.

  • First poster -- The person who made the thread, their username looks like this. Also not case-sensitive and can use * for wildcards. If you're logged in, you can click a little link to search for your username.

  • Last poster -- Same as the above, but targets the last person to reply to the thread.

  • Date -- Search for threads made before or after a certain date. The date field uses the HTML5 date picker, which should be a bit easier to use (and program!) than the old multiple select boxes.

  • Forums -- Pick the forums you wish to search in. Only quicklinks are represented, and whenever you click one you can select another forum(s) if you want.

  • Sort -- Lets you pick how you want to sort the posts -- the default, hottest, is the standard forum display where threads with new replies appear first. Newest is based on when the thread was originally posted. There's also an option to pick threads with the most or least replies. The second select box here lets you give the sort order -- so you can see low-reply or older threads first if you want.

    Once submitted...

  • You get a forum index display that has your search criteria in there.

  • The search terms will show up at the top so you know what you're looking at.

  • The actual search terms get saved to your session rather than the URL, so the url is nicer. As an added bonus, this means you can go elsewhere and when you come back the search results will still be there.

  • You can click a button called "New Search" to reset the search fields and search for something else.


    This feature took around 2 hours to do start-to-finish from scratch, which is a pretty good sign of the modularity of the new GTX0's code.

  • There are 1 Replies

    The innovations are great!
    I miss some of the old features that haven’t been re-implemented.

    1 Week ago

    Reply to: New thread search feature