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New Chat Feature Notes

Posted 3 Months ago by Riven

This isn't my first priority by any means, but I want to lay out some notes for something upcoming before I do more programming work.

Basic stuff

  • This feature merges the people tab, the PM system, the stream feature, and a chat system I've wanted for a long time.

  • Essentially you'll be able to see who's online and if they have an account, talk with them privately in real-time from wherever you are on the site. -- v0 essential

  • If you get messaged by someone, it pops up in the messaging area in real time, unless you have the messaging feature turned off. You can also block users. -- v0 essential

  • There's also a group chats system.

    People Tab v2

  • Clicking on an active account will let you send them a message. -- v0 essential

    Chat areas

  • Database merger with the old PM system. Yes, this includes conworlds PMs. -- v0 essential

  • Can have more than one open at a time. (v0 essential) These can be "rearranged" for efficiency.

  • Like posts, they can use the post parser (colors, youtube embeds, tables, etc) and you can save drafts. -- v0 essential

  • Like other chat platforms, you only see the most recent messages when you first open a tab, but load everything new as it happens and can go back at will. -- v0 essential

    Group Chats -- v0 NOT essential

  • These can be either public or private -- public chats are visible somewhere in the messaging area or the site itself. Private chats are restricted to the people you invite.

  • Whoever made the chat (known as the "Crown") can ban users / otherwise moderate their group chat.

  • Moderators can also moderate public chats. They have no power in private chats.

  • Admins have various higher-level tools to prevent general abuse.

    Crown / Moderator disputes -- v0 NOT essential

    These disputes only happen in public chats -- private chats are outside the scope of site moderators.

  • The crown can't ban moderators unless they make the chat private.

  • Moderators can't ban the crown. They can however force the chat to become private permanently.

    Attractions -- v0 NOT essential

  • Public Group chats can have an "Attraction" attached to them. This is a kind of media or widget that's displayed concurrently with the chat, with some timing, scoring and/or turn-based rules.

  • Chats with attractions are featured prominently on the site.

  • Attractions can be stopped and started, with scores archived to "rounds". This prevents the need to remake the same chat over and over, especially for attractions like streams.

    This is essentially both an upgrade and a heavy simplification of the stream feature.

  • There are 4 Replies

    I don’t know how to work this.

    1 Week ago

    I don’t know how to work this.

    Me either, maybe not yet added perhaps? not sure.

    1 Week ago

    Yeah, not added yet. Not a huge priority at the moment either -- block feature is the big one at the moment.

    1 Week ago

    I can wait.
    Thanks for doing it, whenever you do!

    1 Week ago

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