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New Arrivals in Ports on Adpihi and in Reptigan

Posted 1 Month ago by chiarizio

Adpihi is very religious. When the first few airports were invented the first thing they’d ask you when you deplaned was “what do you need?”. If the airport authorities could get that or do that for you they would. If they couldn’t, say maybe because there were too many passengers, they’d ask “what religion are you?” and direct you to the nearest group of your co-religionists, who would certainly help you to the best of their abilities.
This obviously left “nones” out of the equation.
Airliners and airports were developed pretty late in Adpihi.
First Contact occurred pretty early in Reptigan, the successor culture.
Reptigan emphasizes bravery, duty, ethics, and etiquette, over religion per se.
They quickly realized that if they wanted to be interstellar they’d have to accommodate a LOT of “nones”.
They still ask what you need; but if the airport’s own folk can’t help and you don’t have a religion, there’s a volunteer group of “cousins” or “friends” who always have a representative on hand to see you get what help is available locally.
They’re not required to wear a uniform but they usually do; sort of like an 18th-century Quaker or a turn-of-the-twentieth Salvation Army.
They are explicitly not religious; secular and “humanist” (by OUR lights; they’d avoid the word “humanist” because it sounds speciesist).
They’ve tried to emulate everything good about Adpihi’s multi-religious culture they can think of without restricting themselves to believers or humans.
Adpihi’s religions are still growing in terms of absolute numbers of adherents; but falling behind in terms of fraction of the population. (They’re also still growing in absolute numbers of religions! Just like always.)
The most influential and successful other species in the Reptigan (Union? Empire? Federation?) have enthusiastically adopted the Reptigan lifestyle and philosophy as the one to emulate. (Some of them have even contributed a few adherents to some of the Adpihi religions!)
So if you debark from a spacecraft or aerocraft or watercraft on one of “their” planets, or a condominium-planet whose ports are “manned” by their species (among others), they’ll ask the same questions (expecting a much wider variety of answers), provide the same services (and many more just in case), and have a much bigger operation of “cousins” and “friends” who don’t look like they could possibly be related to you or each other, and whose uniforms have obviously been significantly re-designed to fit.
Just as Adpihi’s people just assume you have a religion, Reptigan’s people —— especially the non-humans —— just assume you’re there on some honorable mission that will bring benefit to many if you succeed, and is costing you some risk to undertake, and you want to get right into it as soon as possible. They don’t want to slow you down; they want to help you and then get out of your way and cheer you on!

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