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My medical problems, July 2021 edition

Posted 1 Week ago by chiarizio

The weakness in my right grip is a compressed medial nerve in my right carpal tunnel. Most likely repetitive stress injury, most likely during sleep.
He wants me to wear a brace to sleep until Sep 16 when he’ll check it again. If it’s improved that confirms the DX.

The right ear deafness is not total after all!
Whatever the problem is it’s a nerve, not the other stuff.
They filled my right ear with some steroid and had me lie on my left for half an hour without moving my head. That was challenging because my ear really itched! They want to do it again at least one more time; Monday the 19th.
Then they want to retest the ear. If it’s better I’ll probably regain my hearing. They say that’s the way to bet but they don’t really know for sure yet.

Anyway it’s not likely these two right-side nerve problems are related.

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Hey, good news! I mean, it'd obviously be better if it hadn't happened in the first place, but still!

1 Week ago
Axem Great Water

@Axem GW:
Thanks! And you’re right, of course.

What gets me is the timing. I self-quarantined for 16 m.f. months in real fear but nothing happened.
Then right when we can loosen up some all this crap happens?
I mean, logically, it has to be just a coincidence; but emotionally it’s hard not to suspect something!

1 Week ago

Yeah, that's some pretty terrible timing. Hey, at least it wasn't COVID, right?

1 Week ago
Axem Great Water

I’ve had the second treatment for my ear. I think it might be improving, but I can’t be sure.
Friday I have a double appointment for both a third treatment and a test to see whether it’s getting any better.
They told me they thought they’d get that all done in 45 minutes. For everything else I hope their optimism is correct, but, I think they must be fooling themselves if they think they can do all that in less than 75 to 90 minutes!

I got the “right cockup” wrist brace. Then the very first night I forgot to wear it to sleep! Next night I remembered the wrist brace but forgot my CPAP machine.
Sometimes I think I need a brain brace!

I’m thinking I’m getting some of those symptoms in my left hand, now. I hope that’s my imagination, or I can make it go away by sleeping more carefully, or something. Maybe I should just buy a left cockup wrist brace out of my own pocket without help from insurance and without a prescription. Or maybe not. I need to talk to someone for advice, I bet.

In the meantime I also need to do things like return library items and renew my driver’s license and get clothes with fewer holes in them and stuff. (Fucking pandemic!).

My Certified Nurse Aide tested positive for the virus so my place looks like a tornado hit it. I hope she’s well. Last I heard she’s symptom-free but I don’t know what that means for her being able to return to work. And I don’t know if she’ll stay symptom-free.
She has family. I don’t know how many of them are vaccinated. Last I heard she wasn’t. If she got at least the first shot she oughtn’t to have to be hospitalized, but I don’t know that she got even that far.

Well, I can worry, but I can’t do anything.

5 Days ago

Today I went into the Michigan Ear Institute for my third twice-weekly steroid treatment and also my first between-treatments weekly(?) hearing test.
I have regained 40% hearing in my right ear!
Still, 60% hearing-loss counts as severe hearing-loss.
But such a significant improvement so soon suggests the current treatment track is the right track!
The doctor is now confident I can at least get back to “functional” hearing on time;
and it’s quite likely I can get beck to hearing as well as i could before the problem.

After I have “functional” hearing, he’s going to want to actually see what’s going on in my ear.
Specifically he wants to rule out any tumor or what-have-you.
He says 95% to 97% of “these cases” are due to a virus (e.g. a herpesvirus) that attacks only one nerve.
But 3%-5% of the time there’s (something like) a tumor as well or instead.
He says that’s not likely enough for me to worry about it; but he really ought to rule it out fir sure.

I’m glad there are professionals!

3 Days ago

Well, that's good to hear. I don't know how I'd live without the ability to listen to music.

3 Days ago
Axem Great Water

Thanks, @Axem G.W.!

This morning I realized I can now hear my phone and my alarms ring with just my right ear! Hooray!

(But I still can’t understand even one word on my radio unless I use my left ear. BooHoo!)

….. ….. ….l. ….. ….

Oh BTW; my right hand is already stronger! It’s still a struggle to do certain things, but I can now actually do some of them (albeit with a struggle!) that I couldn’t do before.

2 Days ago

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