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Movies Watched 2021

Posted 3 Weeks ago by Jet Presto

New year, new thread!

I'm trying to get in a few of the 2020 movies to usher in the new year. I started with The Lovebirds, which I kinda just totally forgot about. I enjoyed it! Not the most amazing movie, but Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae bounce off each other really well.

Hoping to watch Another Round, Wolfwalkers, and then New Mutants to just wrap up my "2020" lists before diving back into random collections.

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I finally got around to watching Star Wars Rise of Skywalker the other day. The only other 2020 (or 2019 I guess) movie I'm even interested in watching that I haven't already watched is the new Wonder Woman. Maybe Mulan for educational and shitposting purposes.

3 Weeks ago

I actually just finished watching Mulan and I'm disappointed in the film. It was good for what it was, but some things just didn't make sense.

I believe were doing either Harry Potter series next or Fast and Furious series, which I don't believe I've seen yet.

3 Weeks ago

I saw Soylent Green. Set in 2022, the world is littered with humans. There's not much food. To survive, a corporation produces a food called Soylent Green made from algae. The air is polluted, it's hot, and the characters are constantly sweating. The cost of living has spiked to the point a jar of jam costs $150. The movies does a great job of giving you a sense of hopelessness that permeates through the whole movie. Overpopulation, hunger, despair, pollution.

Don't go into it expecting to see over-the-top special effects, or explosions and aliens. This is a realistic look at what overpopulation will lead to.
This movies is often more quoted than it is viewed; it's a shame. It's one of the best science fiction movies of its decade.

3 Weeks ago
Post-Wall Olga

The thing with Mulan was like....I dunno... I wish they had given it to a Hong Kong director more familiar with wirework type stuff. I wanted more of that. It's fine overall, but I'll almost certainly never revisit it like the animated one.

I just watched Another Round and dang. Probably my favorite movie behind Sound of Metal from 2020. Mads Mikkelson and a bunch of other old dudes just being perpetually drunk. Interesting notions of how "the program" (school, career, family) can just be soul crushing for everyone. And just under 2 hours! Great!

3 Weeks ago
Jet Presto

I just watched The Thomas Crown Affair 1999 (Renee Russo & Pierce Brosnan), followed by The Thomas Crown Affair 1968 (Faye Dunaway and Steve McQueen).

In TTCA-99 there are about four instrumental arrangements of The Windmills of Your Mind before we finally get to Sting’s rendition at the closing credits.
Siri didn’t recognize any of them! Not one! I am very disappointed, Siri!


As far as the movies (as opposed to the music) go:

FWIW I actually like the 1999 version better than the 1968 version.

I was surprised at how much more up-to-date the technology and the women’s rights in the 1968 version were than I personally remember 1968 being.

However I remember all that smoking! Good God!

And no PPE, no masks, and no social distance, in either the ‘68 or the ‘99 version.

1 Week ago

I watched Spree (Hulu) last Friday and thought it was pretty cool. Joe Keery was awesome in it. Right after that movie I (also) watched the Lovebirds and I was so taken by one joke that I frequently have made it in the last few days (The part when Kumail's character goes "Hi! We're fighting!" when talking to the upstairs neighbors they don't know). I also enjoyed it but I felt like it ran out of steam near the end.

1 Week ago
Fox Forever

I just watched the first three episodes of BBC America’s “The Watch” (inspired by Terry Pratchett’s stories about Sam Vimes and Carrott Ironfoundersson and Angua and Cheery et al) on AMC.
I’m liking it a lot!

1 Week ago

I rewatched Interstellar. I still like it, but it's also a great example of what I don't really love about Christopher Nolan. The movie is so clearly inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey, but routinely fails to do all that much that's particularly interesting. It's actually kinda more boring to me, to be honest.

2001: A Space Odyssey is a visual poem. Interstellar is a visual TED Talk.

It's so over-explainy, and yet doesn't really do a whole lot to address the central themes beyond have a character blatantly call it out. Which then reminds me that the Nolans don't really write characters; they write megaphones. Always one dimensional characters that just serve to basically say what the point of the movie is. There's also an argument to be made that Christopher Nolan is just an M. Night Shyamalan who understands the craft of filmmaking. Always has to have a gimmick.

Visually, few working in Hollywood have the capacity for what Nolan is capable. But I do reeeeeeeally hate the way he chooses to deliberately sabotage his films with annoying audio mixing. Just once, I'd like for him to remember that people want to actually hear the dialogue in his movies.

1 Week ago
Jet Presto

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