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Video Games

Modern Box Art

Posted 1 Month ago by Jet Presto

Just sorta thinking about it: while not universally speaking, of course, it feels to me like the art of video game box art is practically gone. Can't think of too many modern games (last decade, or PS3-PS5/XBox 360-XBox Series S/X) in which the box art for a game really stood out to me.

One of the few that maybe did was No Man's Sky. (Let's see if I can remember how to post images here...)

But what are some that stood out to you or you really liked?

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This needs to be a meme. It's meme worthy.

Great box art for a great game.

1 Month ago

Gonna cheat a bit and go back a generation.

I love the Resident Evil 4 Box art. Specifically the PS2 version of it.

1 Month ago

Totally fine to share any box art you like!

1 Month ago
Jet Presto

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