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man do i miss roleplaying

Posted Over 1 Year ago by Mist(Kirara1535)

I don't think I could ever get back into it even if I tried. Depression made me stop writing and drawing so I haven't done so in several years. Last time I wrote something was when I was contemplating suicide and I wrote a poem in 2013. >.> Regardless, the old days were fun. I made a lot of friends off of Mike's GT, GT2, and now I'm reconnecting with people here. I knew about this site when it first came up but I never really stayed, just checked in a few times looking for that specific person I talked to most back in the day, hope he's okay. Ichi-no-go, wherever you are. Your last post on Youtube was in 2012. Anyway...

How has everyone's lives been, also how old are you now? I'm 25.

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28. Most of my irl friends are in the lower 20's and I feel like a grandpa when I try to keep up with them.

Over 1 Year ago

Ah. 28 isn't bad. :)

Over 1 Year ago

*is sitting on a tree*

8 Months ago
Generic get rper 2000

Man I don't know if I can RP anymore it's been too long, sorry to disappoint!

7 Months ago

Same. I tried writing an rp a couple months ago when I was sloshed, posted it, and haven't had the heart to reply in any meaningful way. It really feels like a part of my brain I just can't access anymore.

7 Months ago

I feel the same, it sucks so much. D:

7 Months ago

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