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Lingua Ignota: my favorite strong female voice in music

Posted 1 Week ago by zxcvbnm

Kristin Hayter is one of the best vocalists I've ever heard. I gave her album Caligula a spin when it first came out, but I was very divided on it, even though I recognized her talent. Going in again and listening to it now, I absolutely love it, and Hayter is added to my list of woman vocalists that I actually like - in the number one spot, no less.

My current favorite track is "Fragrant is My Many Flower'd Crown", in which she says:

What will you say of the bond we had
Tender comrade?
For I have learned all men are brothers
And brothers only love each other

Brothers in arms
Brothers in each others' arms
All the love God would allow
But all God’s love means nothing now

The bitter blood of many foes sustains me
And heavy is my hammer, swinging 'round
And soft are their throats
And soft are their skulls
And fragrant is my many flower'd crown

Hayter's music is survivor anthems, traumacore, things for people who know abuse. Though she writes from her perspective as a woman, I find that I can identify enough with the emotion here to make this a compelling experience for me. Previously, I had (wrongly) held her music at arm's length, convincing myself that I could not bridge that gender gap. My viewpoint has changed radically since, and I love Lingua Ignota.

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I like your review, zxcvbnm.

1 Week ago

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