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Karen Karma (Olga will love this one)

Posted 3 Weeks ago by 9x19mm

I just had to help throw a Karen out of the bar where I work.

She was drunk, belligerent, entitled and throwing a fucking tantrum at the bar. One of the female bartenders tried to get her to leave, then came to get me when asking firmly didn't work.

I got in Karen's face, shouted repeatedly for her to leave, gave her a countdown, and then...

I... I touched her arm to direct her towards the door, which caused her to start thrashing around and screaming about assault. Since she was violently resisting, we called the cops and she got picked up on a trespass charge like 10 minutes later. She narrowly avoided a public intoxication charge because her cucked as fuck ex-husband (who works at this bar), dropped everything he was doing with his family on Christmas night to come pick her up.

At least she never gets to set foot in here again, and I played it cool enough to be spared the indignity of having to bum rush this cunt out the door.

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What was she throwing a tantrum about?

3 Weeks ago

I actually don't know. Multiple bartenders said that she was generally known to be a huge bitch. In this night in particular, she was there with a friend who was falling asleep after some number of drinks, which got her cut off by the bartenders. There was some stupid argument about the friend having narcolepsy, which might have led to this tantrum. It also might have been a parallel development. I don't know the whole chain of events.

When I came out of the kitchen, she was already in full Karen: crying, yelling, on her cell phone with her ex-husband bar manager, taking up as much space at the bar as possible, talking shit to the bartenders, etc.

3 Weeks ago

I've encountered quite a few of these Karens before. The bars are a magnet for them; I remember ages ago there was some Karen who reported me for harassing her. She was pissed that I didn't look at her.

This is why I avoid bars, parties, and other places with potential Karens/crazies. The good conversations can't make up for the distress that bars/parties have caused me. so I avoid bars like the goddamned plague, but that's just me.

3 Weeks ago

Oh man. That reminds me of this incident last year at the restaurant I work at.

There used to be live performances in view of the bar & dining area, before all this bulls&*t going on. So to pay the performers, we had to charge a cover. And we were lenient with it; if you sit at the bar and order something, you don't pay a cover (most nights). If you sit at a dining table, you have to order a minimum amount of food, and you have to pay a cover.

So this Karen starts at the bar, and complains about the view. So the bartender offers her a table and lets her know VERY clearly (I was there, I heard her getting told,) that she will have to order an additional item of food to meet the minimum, AND pay the cover charge. The woman agreed to this.

So she was sat at the table. When it came time to pay her bill, she told the server "This is BULLSH&T I'M NOT PAYING THIS!"

So the server got the manager. The manager at the time was this very sweet woman who kindly explained to her, again, that because she sat at a dining table she was subject to the cover. The woman complained that the manager wouldn't even take a drink off the bill for her. The manager was like ???? Why would I???

So then she goes into full meltdown mode. Gets right in the manager's face with her ugly finger and says "You're a B*TCH! You STUPID B$TCH!" and just continues screaming that at the top of her lungs, along with some other choice insults. Me being the mature adult I am, immediately grabbed my phone and filmed it as our taller male server got between them and escorted the Karen, now frothing at the mouth, out the door.

I still have the video. Been trying to weigh exactly how much trouble I'd get in for posting it to YouTube, and so far the answer is "too much."

3 Weeks ago

Karens in the wild must be tamed. Good on you for putting that entitled, irritating interloper in her place. You're gonna do just fine in that environment.

3 Weeks ago
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