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Just took a trip through the wayback machine.

Posted 6 Months ago by Bro Retro

Hey Oldies! It's your friend/enemy bro's been a minute lol. Sorry I haven't kept in touch. Last night I randomly started thinking about my time on Gametalk and boy did it bring back some memories. I spent all night checking out olds posts on the wayback machine and reading posts here on the new GT. I really miss the community we built and lived in during our childhood. It's been well over a decade and I've yet to find anything quite like what we had. I'm glad there's still a remnant of Gametalk that still exists here. I see some familiar names that still post here semi-regularly. I'm curious if anyone even remembers me to be honest. I don't think I made much of an impression, but I was a regular for years. So, my old friends, how's life, what have you been up to this past decade?


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The "Bro Retard" name is vaguely familliar. Do the names Silverbolt, R0gue_Panther, or Feral Wolf mean anything to you?

6 Months ago

The name Silverbolt seems to resonate with me. I can't rightly say I remember the name, but It jumps out at me. Almost like I did know you but my brain has wiped the memory. If that makes sense lol.

6 Months ago
Bro Retro

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