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Interesting Video about Activision and Blizzard

Posted 1 Month ago by Panty Tight Kitten

If you have time, you might like the video here. It talks about how Blizzard and Activision are mistreating their employees and even how they screwed over a prize winner (denying him $7000). Blizzard changed I feel but I don't know for worse or better because I'm not invested in their online stuff. Though, I'm not a fan of their always-online mandate they enforced for Diablo 3. Also, I was upset over Overwatch not being on Mac, especially since they've historically made games for Mac and PC (it doesn't matter to me anymore). Also, I feel World of Warcraft is not popular anymore (I never got into it).

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I like this video and did watch some of it.

1 Month ago

To add to this:

Looks like Ceo Bobby Kotick can afford himself 3 more yachts this year while people cards.

3 Weeks ago
Forte Lambardi

They're making it hard to spend money on them. Especially since most of us know the feeling of working hard but not getting the bonus/raise/promotion we deserve.

3 Weeks ago
Panty Tight Kitten

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