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Important Ruta tip in Breath of the Wild

Posted 1 Month ago by Giga Bytes7 (2)

I have a bunch of tips I can share but this is one that every new or returning player should probably know, because just about every playthrough in Breath of the Wild does it the wrong way.

When you're fighting Ruta itself to board it, and it shoots ice blocks at you, most players are inclined to use arrows. Which would take a LOT of arrows, and arrows you need to always have many handy in this game because there's many shrines, and parts of Divine Beast dungeons, that you simply can't do without them.

Is there an easier way?

As a matter of fact, there is. Notice how the ice blocks have the same symbols on it as Cryonis. The simpler solution that comes at no cost to your arrows or weapons is to use Cryonis, either to block them with your own ice pillars, or to use it on the ice blocks directly to destroy them.

I did this my very first playthrough but no one else ever seems to have thought of it.

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And while we're on the subject of overlooking Cryonis, in the Pushing Power shrine at Zora's Domain (Ne'ez Yohma) there is a waterfall behind the giant glowing orb so to push it off you can use Cryonis rather than Stasis, that way you can beat the shrine without damaging any of your weapons.

Even the owner of Polygon seems to overlook this solution as they say to use Stasis. All 12 playthroughs I've easily done the shrine with only Cryonis.

1 Month ago
Giga Bytes7 (2)

This gave me a flashback to when people actually posted tips and FAQs in GameTalk. I actually first discovered this site by searching "ocarina of time tips" on Yahoo.

1 Month ago

I felt like such an idiot when I did it with arrows the first time and it didn't hit me ot use cryonis it's amasing how much the devs accounted for.

1 Month ago

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