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I'm setting a boundary here.

Posted 3 Weeks ago by Riven

This message is for everyone.

My decision on the discord events is final.

You have a right to your thoughts and feelings, but do not air them here, there, or privately to me. Keep them to yourself and your friend networks.

None of these bridges have to be burned permanently. I stand by my gtx0 principles and community-run foundation. Whether you want to be a part of that or leave is your choice. Make that choice privately and do not air it here.

As I mentioned many times I'm not yet ready to fully share my side of the story. I'm not even ready yet to share my name change. There's been a lot of trust broken between me and the community, and this particular time it is my trust of you.

Leadership is difficult, particularly when you despise overbearing authorities. I am not at fault for everything that's happened here the last twelve years, though I will take my part in it. I have made many mistakes along the way.

A few final words:

  • I am not a nazi. You are not a nazi. We all need to work harder at not acting like one (myself included).

  • Any further attempt to manipulate me on this will not be tolerated. You can reach out on literally anything else though. This one is too personal, and I've made too many hard decisions to get here. I'll also reach out myself as I can.

  • Whoever you are, you're welcome here unless you break rules here. This includes the people I've banned in the discord. If you have strong feelings, feel free to use the community-run aspect of the site to be vindictive constructively.

  • Whoever attacked the site earlier, you should really update your scripting. index.php is no longer a valid page. You're really just embarassing yourself.

  • If you're not on the discord or otherwise weren't a part of this, ignore all this. Or ask around. Or use this as an opportunity to confirm your own opinions towards me.

  • Yes, chiarizio, I'm going to get to your posts. Later today.

  • This thread is locked. I consider this particular discussion closed.

  • This thread is locked