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I remember being on GT around 2007-2008.

Posted 1 Month ago by Raiken ZeroG

Hello everyone. I used to be around Mike's original Gametalk for a few years. I was in middle school at the time. My original name here was ZeroG until I changed it to Raiken later on as I became more and more involved with roleplaying. I remember the biggest thread I had was some "cruise ship party" thread and a lot of you joined in on it.

Nonetheless, I wasn't that popular so I just hung around Duh and Pointless.

I was mostly known for creating the ultimatefunchat website and I "dated" Chesza May for around 2 years. I mostly roleplayed with Chesza May, Dark Knowings, and Zen Kitsune.

Some of the people I remember are:
Chesza May (Kelly)
Dark Knowings (Joey)
Zen Kitsune
Rukia (Mary)
watertigergirl13 (Lily)
Polka_Dots_14 (Ashley)
Dog Demon Prince HD & Suki (they used to be a couple)
FF7 Cloud
Bammo & Linkles (they used to be a couple)
Mist (Kirara)
Riku 182

I'd like to say hello to anyone who might remember me, but I doubt it.

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1 Month ago

I still exist, went to your site sort of, remember 90% of those people, etc.

1 Month ago

Hey, I’m friends with Mist (Kiara). She wanted me to give you her discord.


¤¤♅êîrÐ Øccu®@n瀤¤

1 Month ago
Weird Occurance

Hey I remember you and I'm also friends with Dark Knowings if you wanna chat him up too!

1 Month ago

I be still alive, truthfully don't remember either of your names.
Either way I guess; Dimka Sulegna#5014
note: This is Dark Knowings, just having weird issues using original name.

1 Month ago
D. Knowings

I was Silverbolt. I sadly don't remember you, though.

1 Month ago

I only remember vaguely hearing of it and possibly viewing it around that time.

2 Days ago

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