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I love being a Vanguard in Mass Effect 3!

Posted 2 Weeks ago by -Riku-

I had forgotten just how broken the vanguard class can be in Mass Effect 3. Biotic Charge, double nova, and a shotgun are all I really need to clear the battlefield. The only enemies that I have to use other skills on are the troops who have riot shields. I have to use pull on them in order to start dealing damage. So, anyone else playing Mass Effect Legendary Edition right now?

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I want to get the legendary edition myself. I don't care about any of the stuff that they did to the game etc.

2 Weeks ago

Yeah I remember the Vangaurd being a beast in the Multiplayer.

1 Week ago

I alwyas played Sentinal. hoenstly meant to gethefurther in the seires b tu Iw anted tow ait until I cou dl buy the DLC for the alter two gmaes. probably pass on the remasters thopugh.

1 Week ago

Playing Sentinel for the first time, tended to vanguard before. The redo has some issues (shep getting stuck facing the wrong way, enemies teleporting around corners if they get caught on them, menu buttons not working/not appearing) but I'm still glad I got it.

1 Week ago
Tek Shmansen

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