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How's everyone doing?

Posted 3 Months ago by FoxxyMcCuddle

FoxxyMcCuddle checking in on gametalk! How's everyone doing?
I seem to pop in here once every 6 months. Back in early gametalk days (2001 - 2005ish) I went by Fox_McCuddle and FoxxyMcCuddle in the pointless forum.

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Good to see you again.

Post restored by the way.

3 Months ago

I almos tthougth youw ere someo ne else.

3 Months ago

Hiii Foxxy. Thank you for asking. My home like is really great. Loving partners, sappy derpy kinda shit. I'm super fortunate and feel eternally grateful. I had a seizure 3 weeks ago, EEG scheduled for tomorrow morning. My back is still effed up from the seizure which is weird bc I never really had back problems. Also I think the country is on fire? Maybe?

I'm doing really well and really not. Life is weird.

How are youuu?

3 Months ago
Tek Shmansen

I might not be doing as well.
When I check in with my professional health-care advisors they say I’m doing about as well as can be expected on average.
They still want me to take better care of myself, they just say most people have the same difficulties either figuring out how or staying motivated I seem to be having.

Anyway, you and I never knew each other, right?

I hope everyone stays OK!

3 Months ago

I'm going to try really, really hard to answer this in one sentence.

I am doing better than I was previously, and even considering the large amount of new challenges that I face both personally and socially, I have more effective methods for responding to them than I had before.

2 Months ago

WHat up n words

2 Months ago

Oh you

2 Months ago
Tek Shmansen

Yo Fox! Use to go by bro retard and other variations. We use to chill in pointless all the time. Good times.

2 Months ago
Bro Retro

Fox Defenders for life homie!

2 Months ago
Bro Retro

I repeat the OP’s question:
How’s everyone doing?
I’m looking forward to being immune April 1st so I can get a sleep-study redo and have my CPAP machine readjusted;
maybe then I can get back on track with my health regimen and my bills and shit.

2 Weeks ago

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